Here are some questions and answers to things people wonder about…..

What is your name?

Shadreya is my real name but I go by Dreya at work and school. I have a long list of nicknames but everyone calls me Dreya.

Where are you from?

       I was born and raised in New York, born in the Bronx and lived in White Plains, New York. 10605 is where I’m from that 914, lol.

How old are you and when’s your birthday?

I am 24 and my birthday is January 9th, 1989.

Why did you begin blogging?

It was a suggestion from a friend to begin gaining a fan base to work towards putting out a book for my poetry. Now I love it and I wish I would of started earlier.

When did you begin writing?

I’ve been writing since I was young. Singing and writing were two things I did mostly when I was on punishment and I produced my poetry during my most down moment in life and that moment just happens to be in middle and beginning of high school.

Do you do anything else besides writing? 

I am a writer but beside writing I am a graphic designer! And it’s true I do sing. Singing was my first love and I went to college for graphic design/visual communication. I am graduating with my Bachelors of Science in Visual Communications from Westwood College June 2011.

What is your aim with writing?

I honestly just want to impact lives in a positive and touching way. I’ve began doing so already but I want it to be bigger than what it is. I believe that there are so many females in general who need up lifting and need to know who they truly are without approval from a partner or someone they care for. It’s not about what others feel it’s honestly about how YOU feel as a woman/female. So I’m trying to empower and encourage a generation that seems lost and confused.

What inspires you to write?

I get inspired by life. The people who surround me does influence my writing as well, then just my own experiences that goes on day to day.

Who do you look up too?

WOW! Honestly I can’t pin point it because I love and admire the woman in my family from my mother, grand mother(s), aunts and uncles plus cousins. Then I have friends who I admire then I have celebrities who I just adore so it varies.


  1. Kim Collins · July 26, 2011

    I loved the poem that you posted today, I can truly relate to a lot of what you said. This is the first of many poems that I have read of yours. Like I said a month ago, YOU INSPIRE ME! Your words speak life and love. You hit it dead on when you said that you didn’t need a man or any materialistic things to validate you. So many of our young people, (especially young girls) need to hear, see and know that. I can’t wait until tomorrow blog xoxox Love Kim

  2. dreya07 · July 26, 2011


    Awwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! Yay, you look forward to my blogs! I’ll post just for you tomorrow. But yes I think it’s VERY important that we as woman can be strong, independent and be able to live for ourselves without any kind of materialistic thing or a MAN. I think too many young females look for validation and that love that was suppose to come from their FATHER in a boy who can’t love them as their father was suppose too. I love you cuzzo! Muah.

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