Hey loves aka my readers,

I’ve had a few guys expressing interest in me but in my head I’m just saying “nah, go THAT WAY”. Don’t get me wrong I get lonely at times but I’m not aiming to fill a void. My King will be IT. 

Discovery • Establishments • Journey

That’s the wave I’m on, all these visions I’ve had for years in I’m removing fear to pursue, the last guy I tried to share my time with he didn’t come through, not every guy you fall for is meant to catch you. Hard pill to swallow but truth is truth. Being single has allowed me time to go full force face to face with my fears, past and wounds. 

The hardest chapter for me was not loving myself and on all levels realizing I not only gained weight to be 300lbs, I also down graded my value to guys who did t deserve me and didn’t even know themselves! It’s been a whole lot of crying, forgiving and healing. Being told your whole life you aren’t pretty left some scars because in school that’s where I’d get it the most. I needed to heal from these chapters and relearn myself so that I could fall in love with my NEW self unapologetically. 

Some say I’ve changed, I have and it feels damn good. It’s a tough feeling being taken advantage of and being told what to do as if you have no voice! I couldn’t go back to who I was. I wasn’t happy. I might of worn a smile but nothing was authentic ! I finally have a sense of what it feels like to be mentally free and I need MORE. I want to know who I am, emerge myself into who I truly am and live life F R E E full of possibilities. LIMITLESS! That’s what God created for each of us and that’s the life I will lead. 

Love, Peace and Honesty ! 

Dreya the exFATgirl 

Update {Dreya’s World 11.8.2013}

Hello my loves aka my readers,

It’s been such a long time since I posted on here. I’ve been trying to build my brand, gain clientele and rework my platform on my social media’s and my blog will be no different. So here I am, posting more is a goal of mine and I miss you guys. I just posted a new poem called “Can I Get Close” and I’m still working on new material. Lots of new projects and ventures going on in my world. My blog has now been renamed to “Dreyais” to go with my new website ! I’m excited about moving forward, I’ve lost 64 pounds thus far and my book is still in the works, currently in editing mode. My book is my baby so I can’t neglect that regardless what I do and I’m just trying to connect with those who support me because that’s the only way to do it. You support me so why not support those who support me, right? Weight loss, fashion, poetry, modeling and so much more are things I’m into and I’m trying to incorporate into my blog and world.

Life is crazy at times and I’m trying to find a balance in it all! I want to go back to venting through my writing and even on my blog. There’s no need to carry negativity within and its a hurtful feeling when you do so, you will see me on here more. Letting go has been a big thing I’ve been trying to do because carrying the worry and stress gets to be way to much emotionally, physically and mentally. So there’s just a limit to how much someone can take. You have to be mindful of people’s emotions and reactions to what you do to them near or far. It’s not fair to just do things and expect them to not feel some kind of way once you do it. Apologize for what you’ve done and communicate with the person especially if they mean anything to you. Meaningful relationships are hard to find these days so treat others the way you would want to be treated. Life is too short for the craziness and drama. Believe in your dreams, believe in YOURSELF and don’t give up on your dreams. Dreams are meant to come TRUE!

Love, Peace and Honesty!



Update…{June 12th, 2013}

Hello loves,

I been saying all day “I’m posting today, I’m posting” so here I am. I’m trying to get back blogging heavily as I use too because it helps emotionally and I’m able to just be me in my own element. Almost the same feeling when I’m writing my poems! Such a writer, I know right? lol…But I’m still on this weight loss journey and lately I’ve been feeling great! With this time around with Insanity, I am counting my calories, eating clean and drinking a gallon of water a day. It’s tough! I won’t lie to nobody! So, pray for me, lol. It’s no easy task. If your debating on losing weight I say…JUST DO IT! It’s not for anyone else but yourself! If you have kids and a family that’s even more reason to go ahead and drop them pounds starting TODAY. Procrastinating about it, won’t help you lose the weight so just remember that!

Remaining focus is a big key of mine because it’s so easy to get off track and distracted. I feel like it’s my season so there for I need to keep pushing. I’m not interested in working for someone else ever after this current job that I hold. I’m very talented and I just prefer to go into business for myself and whoever is against it well sorry for you! I have a very long list of “To Do List” and it’s not getting any shorter lol so I just have to focus. Dreams are meant to be real and that’s something I full heartedly believe in. So if you have dreams or a dream, pursue them. There’s nothing wrong with doing what you love to do. I have a friend who quit her job after a year and went without a job for a few months and by the grace of God starting doing what she love which is make up. She’s blessed at what she does, doing VERY well with it and making moves. She is someone I call my sister and her name is Octavia and we always talk about doing what we love. Its not always easy taking that LEAP out on FAITH but you have to sacrifice somewhere in order for God to show you what HE is best at…the BLESSING business. I love when Steve Harvey says that because it’s just so true, God can bless you over and over and over again and you don’t even realize it.

I haven’t been working on new material but I have been rewriting my book and doing the book outline. It’s happening. I’m giving myself until the end of August to wrap this part up because by the end of the year I want to get back into the editing process because next year I aim to publish this book for once and for all. So many ideas, plans and thoughts on this book and marketing, its crazy. I’m trying to connect and collaborate with a few people I know to make things happen with this book because I need to impact as many lives as I possibly can. There’s a generation out here that’s hurting and I’m here to help so, I will do what I can.

I’ve been having a change of heart with certain people in my life, I’m not sure if I’m just growing out of them or that phase but I just know my worth, my standards and what I see myself doing in this life so I need people around me to support that and build me up towards that. Be blessed, I will be trying to write more material and post more poems for you guys! I need to recreate my page over all. It’s summer time!

Update…{February 11th, 2013}

Hello to my loves aka my readers,

I’ve been beyond crazy busy trying balance everything and move forward in my life. Every thing is everything though! My poems I’ve been dipping into in and out to stay on top of my writing. That’s a must. The book is still in the works, editing is a must on my to-do list. I’m a Beach Body coach now and I’ve been working out hard the past three months. I started on Insanity lost 20 pounds and now onto Turbo Fire. Loving my transformation, I’m head over heels to see what my outcome will be by the end of the year. But at this stage in my life I;m just really focused. New ideas to bring to the table with my brand, a new logo is made, a tagline and just exciting things that should of  been done but never happened. The beast in me I can honestly say is out, lol. My book is one of my biggest focus points besides my weight and that journey. I’ve finally become to a point that I’m committed to myself in a way I’ve never have. It’s an amazing feeling and I can say that I’m proud of myself.

Being my own boss and leaving retail for good will happen this year. No doubts about that. Like God has set things up in line for me and I’m putting that work in to get to the very point I’ve dreamed of my whole life. I’m putting in heavy work and I’m just not worried about LOVE or guys at the moment to be honest. I’ve decided to strengthen my relationship with God and follow my purpose then worry about love. I’m still young but I have things I need to get in order NOW. It;s taken me awhile to get to this point so going backwards is always a scary thought and I do everything in my power to keep the ball rolling. I make myself work out and I make myself get out my comfort zone. My poetry I want to become more raw, seductive, more sensual, more inspirational and encouraging. My beliefs, vision and confidence I want to come from my poetry! That’s my outlet and where I shine. No worries there. I connect with people, I can speak to many situations, many hearts, souls and people get my situations when they read my poetry. That’s what makes my poetry so much exciting and I get to go off that to move forward into my journey with my writing, my book and future ideas far as becoming an author/poet. It’s a blessing. God’s work…

Keep supporting me you guys, I haven’t forgot about you…



My coach link…


If your ready to transform and take control, I’m here to help!

Update…{November 24th, 2012}

HELLOOOOOO my loves aka my readers,

It’s been awhile but I’ve missed you guys! I’m trying to keep things moving, revamp EVERYTHING even my life to go into 2013. My mindset I’m just changing slowly because there’s a level of success that I crave and in order to be successful you have to change, grow and push yourself. I know my potential and I’m determined to get there and excel at it. So much going on in my head, different ideas and goals. I’m already updating the goals for 2013 that’s personal and business wise. I have been writing new material!!! New poems yesssss you guys and I’m just trying to get this manuscript edited personally then get it to the editor of my choice, I’ve chosen already. Going through the process has been emotional but this book means everything to me and finding a marketing team and glam squad is my next task for 2013/2014. I have big goals for next year, this year has opened my eyes on several levels.

This was a big week for music and last week as well. I picked up three amazing cds and artist who I love. For the longest time I’ve loved Ne-Yo, his latest album is just GREAT!!! His voice just sounds amazing on this album and it’s authentic. Rihanna and KEYSHIA COLE albums are classics. Like Ne-Yo I’ve followed both Keyshia Cole and Rihanna since the very beginning and I support real music so I had to pick all three albums up. Rihanna is very much Rihanna on her album lol she tries new songs, sounds and beats. Keyshia Cole is giving her old vibes again with a twist of happiness in there. I support anyone who is happy, I think at the end of the day everyone wants to be loved and happy so hearing Keyshia Cole in a happy place is cool with me.

I will be back with new material soon and I plan on doing a video too. There’s so much I’m pushing for and with all of me I’m just letting things go, finding my way and finally choosing to live for me. There’s nothing like living on a purpose and happy for yourself. I’m not into living for somebody else so I’m restarting. Rebuilding everything from the bottom up. It’s much work but I know there’s so much in stores for me. I’m putting my trust and love into GOD!!!! It’s all about my happiness from here on out, everything else falls second. I can’t have it any other way…keep dreaming loves.

                      Love, Peace and Honesty,



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Update…{10.3.12}…I’m BACKKKKK

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!,

It’s been awhile since I posted and I’ve been on vacation so I’ve been gone. Vacation was good, relaxing and fun all in one now its back to reality. I’ve taken time to write down goals for the next three months and getting baptized Sunday so there’s much going on this side. I will be posting pictures from my vacation only a few though! I’ve been kind of going through things but I’m trying to take things day by day. When you already have pressure on yourself and you feel more pressure from other places its much to take on but I’m the type to find a way to prove someone wrong. In my heart I just know what I’m pushing for and why. I always replay back my history and think about why my parents relocated and tried to give us a better life so many aspects of my life inspires me just to keep going and do better. My circumstances may not be where I would like them but I can change that if I push hard enough. Getting rid of distractions and taking time away from certain things is where I’m at. I just gotta get my mind back on the right positive track to move in the direction I’m going towards. I’m currently waiting for the presidential debate to come on WOOT WOOT!!! Lol I love the debates, to me its the best part of the campaign. If your not registered to vote pleaseeeee do so and V O T E. It’s very important that you get your voice heard. There’s so much at stake here this election.

We have like 88 days left in the year of 2012! Its so crazy how fast this year has just passed and the changes that has transpired. For the coming year I’m aiming to just set things up correctly so that I can just go in for the coming year of everything. I’m very optimistic and ambition to what I’m pushing for for the next two years. I only wish to grow as an individual and enhance my life so that I have more room to be who I am without limitations on any level. I love to just be who I am in my own skin. Me currently just doing my own soul searching and working on myself so that my appearance and how I feel inside compliments each other!!!! I know what I deserve and what I’ve been through so thats what pushes me. Keep praying for me, I appreciate all of the feedback and comments I receive. THANKS TO ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS!!!! I welcome you and please please give me feedback and comments on my post and poems…I’m working on new material, taking my time because I don’t believe in rushed work! Enjoy my blog ladies and gents *KISSES*…Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself & don’t give up on your DREAMS. Dreams are meant to COME TRUE

Love, Peace and Honesty,


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Update…{September 2nd, 2012}

Heyyyyy MY LOVES aka my readers,

It’s SEPTEMBER OMG, already you guys! Geesh, it’s crazy. Well first off I want to say that I am at 30 pounds down on my weight loss journey which is just amazing to me. It’s hard I will be totally honest because I’m a sweets lover and my house loves to cook and bake, lol. SO I’m trying with all of me to find that balance and eat things in proportion. I love my fruits and veggies so I eat those always. The working out part I’m trying to work in my schedule, even if it’s small stuff. So yeah it’s struggle you can say to get into working out, I try to look at it as my time to release stress and make my body relax all around. I’m trying to get to that point so that I’ll see even more results the way I want. Changing my eating habits and taking time to look into myself is where I’m at right now. In order to spread my wings I have to look deep in myself and just clear out any sad emotions that may live inside of me. I’m not a negativity person so when I feel sad or anything I know its time to just reflect upon myself and things I maybe going through or feeling. I’m all about progress and moving forward especially now because I’m beginning to step into so much next year. So I’m motivated very much!

My work ethic I’m trying to get enact too as well because I use to go to work and school and I had a very strong work ethic but the last year and change things have changed in a crazy way. So getting my mind right, my energy level and just prepared for the things I want to embark on. I’m very capable at working hard and when I’m passionate about what I’m doing I just go even harder, that’s what I do. When I’m not into it that’s when I kinda shy away and not think much of it. But I’m just trying not to complain when I’m so blessed and I know I am. I don’t complain like that anyway but I can. When I do I think about those who don’t have ya know? So I’m just working on myself. Getting me right has to be my number one priority right now and I try to have my alone time to Being able to live out my dreams and work for myself doing things I WANT to do and DREAMED to do is my lifetime goal. To be able to say “I’m living out my dreams” is something not everybody can say and me, myself is determined to say those words. I admire those in the industry let it be music, movies, entertainers, back up singers, back up dancers, dancers, producer, song-writer or just flat out doing they thing is something that feels so damn good so I support those in the lime light or trying to get they foot in the door. I’m all about empowerment so I follow a few careers and get inspire those pursuing their dreams! I really love Kandi Burass, Rochelle Jordan, Solange and some more they are females I feel don’t get the correct support or shine. But I have some pictures of Sanaa Lathan, Angela Simmons, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole and Rochelle Jordan. Other careers who have helped me dig into who I am who I include in my book are Aaliyah, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Lil Kim and CIARA. These ladies are amazing I still support them and they really helped me love my craft and motivated me. As I’ve grown and got into more as a woman and learned about being sexy I just in tuned with myself and learned to love women who embrace their sexuality. I love a women who can be sexy at any given moment that’s appropriate, I can do that! Lol. Women are meant to be sexy, our bodies are amazing and a canvas. So embrace yourself ladies!!!!

I’m trying to write more poetry these days as I take this journey within myself emotionally and clear out my spirit and I love to write at these moments because that’s when the real emotions show. I’m real and upfront. I don’t like hiding my emotions, I wear my heart on my sleeve so that’s what my poetry has. I have a few ideas and music actually helps me be motivated to write along with emotions in my mind, spirit and thoughts. I’m slowly learning about building my brand and being a brand. Talking to people and speaking on a camera has been something new. I’m a private person with personal things which is good but I know my testimony can help you guys struggling with things I already experienced so I can help. Hopefully by Wednesday I’ll post my new poems. Thank you everyone for reading my material, the new subscribers and the feedback. It really helps me!!! I love you all, support means the world to me!!!!! MUAH!!!

Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up on your dreams. Dreams are meant to come true ❤

Love, Peace && Honesty!!!,

Dreya ❤


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UPDATE {August 28th, 2012}…

Hello my loves aka my readers,

Lately emotionally I’ve been feelings all over the place because I’m trying to end things and find peace with situations. I’m moving into a direction that is so positive as I already am, living on edge and for ME. I’m just ready to make my dreams my reality for myself. I see and know my full potential so I’m pursuing that slowly day by day. Steve Harvey said something that makes so much sense “Everyone can’t go to the top with you” and it’s true. Not everyone is meant to be in your life their meant for a season and if it’s meant to be it will be. I want to be in love with someone who will pull things out of me and fight for me more than I’ll fight for them every day even when things get rough. I fight for love when I’m in love, that’s who I am so finding that has been damn near impossible. I want to have my transformation and I’m in that process right now taking back control in my life in all aspects so that I’m able to live out my dreams because I’m hungry to do SO much. I have things mapped out and now I’m just aiming to put those things into action slowly but surely. I’ll find a way to make things happen because that’s how much this means to me. I want to get into modeling alongside  my book I’m pushing to publish and sell sell sell! Touring, interviewing and speaking at events if I must I’m ready to do. Being a spokeswoman is something I’m strongly interested in doing so I’m just in a mind frame of winning and fighting for my dreams. Only I have control of the things I dream of. I just ask each of you who follow my blog to continue to support me and follow me!







MY YOUTUBE IS NEW, I’m a newbie ❤ thank you loves!

Update…{August 19th, 2012}

Hello my loves aka my readers,

It’s been a few days, almost a week I think since I posted on here. Much is going on and just really trying to focus on my dreams. Besides my dreams I want to take some time out to say Rest In Peace to my great grandmother Estelle who passed away two weeks ago and I was able to see her put into the ground this past Thursday in North Carolina. I didn’t know her as much as I wanted but she knew who I was as well as I knew who she was so I met her several times to be able to feel emotions as she passed away in her sleep. She was 94 and I am more inspired by her life because although she was 94 this woman was strong, a fighter and just someone who had a beautiful SPIRIT. I pray that I’m able to live a life as amazing as hers and make those who have passed in my life proud. Everyday I just think about what my cousin said before she passed to me:

“ Cuz, it’s not where your from; its where are your headed? That’s the question”

From that moment I read that, I really took life and looked at it differently. I had watched Oprah’s show with Mary J. Blige on it and I just felt so empowered to conquer my dreams regardless how much work it meant I needed to put in. If you know Oprah or Mary J. Blige then you know they both come from hard backgrounds and it wasn’t easy for them to get where they are now in their lives. So with these two mega stars and my cousin telling me the quote above I just thought about where I was headed and what I wanted to do to get there. All of this happened I believe in 2010 and I began writing my manuscript that year so I took it to heart what my cousin said plus she had passed that year so I felt even more moved to begin my book. My book means so much to me and I refuse for it to be a “flop” I’ll put in blood, sweat, tears and years for it to be a number one seller. I want to prove that you can be a “nobody” and sell books. With the technology and everything that we have it’s easier to make a platform so I intend to do just that build my platform to gain a respectable amount of readers and introduce myself to the world.

Gabby Douglas…AMAZING girl in the 2012 Olympian who is African American. I’m so proud of her and I pray that little girls around the world who are african american, hispanic, asian or any ethnic are inspired to do anything they put their minds too. Anyone doing something positive at a young age or whatever age I’m all for! Empowerment and encouraging people especially the next generation I’m passionate about so GO GABBY ❤ I’ve heard about the critics talking about Gabby’s hair and all I can do is “smh”, shake my head. This young lady just made history and beat records at the olympics like really? Your worried about her hair? This is crazy to me but people just have to pick on something or find something negative to talk about! Keep on keeping on Gabby, do your thing! Another inspiring face that I SO LOVE, Tika Sumpter. She’s a model, actress and singer. She’s another african american who is in the new movie “Sparkle” with Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston. But Tika, is a dark skin african american and I always get happy to see a dark skin woman doing her thing. Not to say against light skin women doing their thing but I think theres a bias especially in the african american culture that dark skin women are ugly and there’s a dislike so I just become joyful and happy. Tika is doing her thing and along with Gabby, I’m proud of both of them truly! Dreams are meant to come true ❤ Also I’ve been thinking about getting into plus size modeling…becoming the next plus size woman to grace cover girl is a goal of mine thanks to QUEEN LATIFAH! Truly inspiration coming from these three woman.

I’ve decided to begin my editing sometime next month, since I’ve found someone to work with and I’m excited. I would say her name BUT I’ll wait to ask her if I can post her name on my blog. My book is my baby so I’ll take extra caution with each decision with my book and taking extra steps to be sure things will work out how I see it and beyond. I don’t do anything half way I go through with it all. I do it big and I make sure everything is done with passion! Like BOOM when I do things. Go hard or go home my motto. Until next post…Believe in your dreams, believe in YOURSELF and DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. Dreams are meant to come TRUE!!!

Love, Peace and Honesty,


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…inspiration for me and YOU!