Healing is a process …{November 3,2016} RANDOM THOUGHTS


Hey loves (my readers),

For me the last few weeks have been full of healing, centering, refocusing and growing. I’ve decided to take a look back into my past on a deeper level to figure out why I am the way I am, close chapters and to begin celebrating myself. No longer living through others validation, opinions and just loving myself to gain who I am really supposed to be. It wasn’t until the middle of my #90daysoflovingdreya I began listening to Lisa Nichols and she told how she went through a process of healing plus celebrating herself. Recently I was told I don’t celebrate myself enough and I wasn’t sure how to go about this celebrating myself. I also knew I needed to go within my heart and see what’s going on. I’m considering extending this journey of loving myself deeper.

I’ve began writing again yes and it feels good to do it again apart of my flow during my evening wind down and ease my mind. I’ve been taking a look at meditating as well. Different ways to heal, ease my mind, thoughts and also listen/hear God. It’s important to be still with no distractions when your in a space which I’m in. So I’m soaking up the moments I do get alone and finding more time to be alone. I am grateful for those moments for sure, I’m pouring back into my cup and venting. I do things different and I have to be okay with that. Who I am is different from someone else but it’s been a damn good journey so far so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

HEAL * GROW * DEVELOP * that’s the flow I am in and I am for awhile to fully be who I am suppose to be without anyone else approval but my own. I’ve realized for a long time after 2013 until now I’ve been looking for validation for certain things when I only need mine when it comes to ME. So I am enjoying this flow I am in. I have to get back to me and the core of who I am and living in that daily, without anyone dictating anything. It feels good. I had to come share from my heart. This is my element. ❤

Love, Peace and Honesty,

Dreya ❤


Random Thoughts…It’s been awhile {August 10,2016}


Hey my loves (my readers),

It’s been awhile since I’ve just hopped on and said what’s on my heart so tonight it’s one of those post. So many people have recently poured into me, different thoughts have crossed my head and old memories have had me in tears. Right now I’m asking myself, how did you get to this point?

Anyone who knows me, know writing is what I do and I have a good play on words. Poetry, that’s my thang, lol. SO why haven’t I written in so long? Why do people have to tell me to get back to it? Honestly I have no idea why but that I do know that it’s apart of me that I’ve neglected and I can feel it. It’s still odd to do because I’ve been gone for so long but that’s why I’ve decided to post more often. 4 times a week to get back into this flow. Regardless of time just flow. If I don’t, it won’t be me.

The anxiety over the course of these last few years came about after I stopped writing, as a result my hair have broken off and it hurts more than I portray because I know I have a hand in this. My hair shouldn’t have paid the cost of the fears, confusion and hurt that’s inside. Somehow over time I’ve been holding everything inside and it has caused me to get to this point. The point where stress and fear have almost become my god. Plus physically paralyzing me so I have to find ways to break this because I know this is not me.

I’ve been in my own world. I don’t have much time for Shadreya and I’m beginning to go crazy in a sense because I can’t think or breathe. I’m always doing something for someone else but myself. I work with my grandmother daily and then I go straight into coach mode. So I’m working on finding my “me” time with building the massive empire I’ve envisioned for several years. I found comfort in Derrick these last two years. He was a huge part of my decision making in 2015 because I had so much going on around me, it was just chaos after chaos no normality to my life and I wasn’t home which made it 20x harder. So he became a part of me to help me escape everything going on. The crazy thing is he would notice, I wasn’t picking my hair around him. He played apart of my happiness and he meant more than I knew at the time.

Letting him go has been bittersweet because like I said he’s a comfort zone for me, I got into a routine with him and that’s no longer there, so that makes it bitter but it’s sweet because I know who I am without him. He helped me build my belief within myself because on my worst days he told me I was beautiful and we had one on one talks a lot, lol. So no longer needing that validation is sweet. I’ve always known who I was but never vocal about it, I just carried it within. In the past people down talked me within my family and a few randoms who didn’t really know me but I knew who I was regardless.

I’m at the point where I just want more out of LIFE, out of MYSELF, out of my PURPOSE and create the freedom I’m supposed to have building a life with the King God see fit for me. My healthy active lifestyle has brought so much into my life. I’m beyond grateful, what’s meant to be will be and who is meant to be in my life will remain. I’m trusting God’s vision for my life. Sometimes we just have to be broken down to built back up and grow into the next levels God envisions.

Love, Peace and Honesty,


✨ Random Thoughts: 9.24.15✨

✨ Random Thoughts: 9.24.15✨

As I feel I’m in a odd place with life and my weight I also feel like I’m growing & learning. I don’t desire to remain where I am. Being stagnant doesn’t feel good to me outside or inside. I do feel like God just wants me to listen, pay more attention to HIM & lean on HIM more than I do currently. I feel HIM working in my favor even if it’s not as quick as I want.

I’ve put myself on a time limit to finally get this weight off. The burn out, the last 35 pounds left over from my #roadto200pounds. Getting closer to my LEVEL 10 results !!! I’m not going to post progress pictures until December. I’m planning on picking back up my exFATgirl movement and release my ebook for my movement.

I get October, November & December to lose these last pounds. By December 30th I will be my ultimate goal of 200 pounds & WORLD TEAM. I’m not sure of the how but I do know that I’ve been taking for granted my capabilities, my opportunity to change lives/grow and I personally need bigger changed. I need to go back to building my own momentum and that’s my goal for the 4th Quarter of 2015….it’s time to dig deeper than I’ve ever have! Be blessed.

Love, Peace & Honesty,

Dreya the exFATgirl

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It’s MAY!!!! {Random Thoughts}…

Hello my loves aka my readers,

WOW we are 5 months into 2013, I’m 20 pounds lighter pushing for more, worked with my editor and working towards a much more polished manuscript to push to be publishing next year. Currently trying to work on the website to launch by the fall time, yes I will still be blogging. My aim to have everything on one site so if you want to see my blog, fitness tips, videos, photos, tweets and keep up with me it’s all there. Not to mention, I still will be doing my YouTube channel. Revamping my look is highly important as well with part of branding myself. The support that I’ve been getting and have gained in the last few months is dumb crazy but it’s a testament that people do want to see you do well. I’m humbled.

I can say that within the last 5 months I’ve came a long way, I look forward to the next 5 months. Pushing the way I have and changing my eating habits and working with my coach and trainer has really been a big help. It takes more than yourself to get where you desire. I’m at a point in my life where all I see is my dreams and accomplishing them and not allowing anyone or anything becoming between that. I’m not interested in working for anyone else besides myself after this year in 2013. So I know what time it is. Pushing like never before. Many people talk about doing things and only stop at the thought but never putting it into actions and I refuse to be one of those people. My passion, my ambition, my hustle, my love, my go getter and willing to risk it all comes from God. I talk to HIM about it all, I listen and wait for direction and go.

Love is something I haven’t given up on, I just decided to put it in the back of my head until it’s my time. Right now isn’t my time to fall in love when I’m in the mix of building myself up. Especially when you know what you deserve, I don’t settle. I refuse to settle. When you’ve been all that I have with love and emotional roller coasters, you just want something that’ll last. Consistency is something I’m BIG on, honesty and respect fall right behind it because that’s what I give. I’m okay with being single because I’m actually working on myself and changing within and outside as well. I’m a passionate lover, I fight for what/who I love and so therefore in return I expect that. Love is not easy but I know from those around me its worth it when its real. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I do what I gotta do to protect it these days because I’ve learned that people take advantage like its nothing when you don’t.


Life is what you make it, take life by the hands and rock with it. Don’t let negativity to get you down because smiling will kill people within kindness. God didn’t create us to be depressed, unhappy and down. Go hard for what you believe in and ALWAYS DREAM. Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up on your dreams. Dreams are meant to come true!!!!


Love, Peace and Honesty,


Random Thoughts…{12.26.12}…

Hello my loves aka my readers,

It’s about to be 2013 and I”m still in a shock because the year has passed so quickly but I’m pretty much happy it’s over. So many tears, stress, worry and just bullshit happened this year I’m ready to leave it behind. I started this past summer getting my health in order and dropped 30 pounds. I’m tryna drop between 60 to 70 pounds in the next three months if I can. I’m push towards a new wardrobe, new appearance, new style, new me and just a new transformation to get into the things I’ve dreamed. It’s nothing easy but I’m determined to make things happen within the next three months. This year I am grateful for a few things though I will say because God has opened my eyes to many things for me to transform into the woman I know I can be and that HE wants me to be. This year I got baptized which was so big for me because I’ve always held a relationship with God and that certified me, lol. I’m grateful because I know at the end of the day HE’S the one I can count on to carry me through my storm nobody else. I’m also grateful for the chance to see my great grandmother Estelle before she passed this summer, printing out my manuscript which I’m pushing to begin editing next month, losing 30 pounds and pushing to lose even more plus just allowing me to establish my own brand. I’m blessed to be as talented as I am and I’m turning my talents into something more say by day. Poetry is bigger than what people think in my eyes, I believe the younger generation use poetry like myself to express themselves and its an outlet. Perfect example is the “Philadelphia Poetry Movement” who was on CNN and I began becoming interested in them and all of you guys who love poetry and read mine. So I shall prove them wrong and tell them POETRY is alive and well, lol.

KEYSHIA KAOIR. MAKE-UP. BOLD. BEAUTIFUL. HUSTLER. BOSS and GORGEOUS woman. I respect any hustle and a woman who is not scared to make her dreams her reality. I’m in a stage of doing the exact same thing so her series “BUILDING THE BRAND” I was all for watching the 3rd video last night. She’s inspirational to anybody going after their dreams and tryna get their hustle on in a positive way. I love empowerment and she just makes me want to continue pushing, pushing, pushing to the limit to get my brand established. My dreams are meant to be my reality and she just put a stamp on that. I’ve always believed I would be somebody and I knew deep inside I’m a star so I have no choice but to keep going. God has chosen me to be a voice and I won’t stop pushing until I let my voice be heard and I’m able to help other woman establish their confidence, beauty within themselves and can be strong enough to stand on their own two feet. Kaoir her brand is exactly what I believe in “Define beauty by your standards” and going after your dreams. Dreams are meant to be your reality, they don’t just go away when it’s real. So I will be posting pictures and please check out her video. I also purchased her “Rude Girl” lipstick, I LOVEEEEEE IT. Fits me perfect because  I’m bold, beautiful and fly. Believe that you can do it and you shall.

Love, Peace and Honesty,

Dreya ❤




Keyshia Kaoir

Keyshia Kaoir

Rocking Kaoir lipstick.

Rocking Kaoir lipstick.

Working on this new logo of mine...will launch next month

Working on this new logo of mine…will launch next month

Check out my YOUTUBE...DreyaDaDiva

Check out my YOUTUBE…DreyaDaDiva

Random Thoughts…12.12.12

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!!,

Well I said I’d be back and here I am. I’ve posted two new poems this week. My mind has been on overload from everything that’s going on and things I’m pursuing. With a new year ahead of us I’m updating my goals and evaluating situations going on in my life. At the top of the year its my birthday so it’s much coming up and I just want to be sure that next year I’m crushing everything I put my mind too and just step it up in the ways I wanted to this year. Although this year was an eye opener, I learned very much and I’m moving forward in a very big way. My happiness I’ve put on hold and I’ve been trying to do things with approval from others and I just can’t anymore. So my mindset and everything is just somewhere else. I’m not worried about nobody else besides myself if its not family. My backbone is my family so therefore thats who I will put focus on.

This past weekend a special came on CNN called “Who is Black in America?”, very interesting and eye opening show. I’ve been apart of the whole “Colorism” thing inside the African American/Black community and it hurt my heart to see a 7 year old say “I wish I was light skin”. Me myself, have been in those shoes and I’ve had those thoughts so it took me back to those days and I just get even more motivated to carry out my purpose GOD has given me to speak of my own journey with “colorism” and help those in that situation. I’ve been through much in my life and I’m just at a point to share my journey. I’m excited about the new year and my future. I’m pushing very hard, like never before. I’m moving quietly and just laying down my foundation properly to get where I’m destined to be. Nobody else can see my vision and live out my purpose so its on me. One thing I wanted to be clear on is anyone in the african american, black and even african ethnicity please know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. From every shade of us light skin to dark ebony chocolate brown we are gorgeous. Don’t allow anyone to tell you less and BE CONFIDENT with who you are, as Keyshia Kaior said “define beauty by your standards”.

I wanted to but some shine onto the beautiful and talented Tamar Braxton…her song “Love and War”. I listen to the song on repeat everytime I listen. I’m excited about her time and career. She’s amazing vocalist and talent. I’m a HUGE BEYONCE fan so I’m apart of the BeyHive and I’m a Tamartian. She’s a great girl and I think you guys will enjoy her work too. Her style is lovely and she’s a DIVA. I’ll post the her first single at the bottom!!!! I will probably post a few more times and I’m hoping to do two videos before the year ends. Thank you guys for supporting my blog and reading my work. I’m still pursing my book and really working hard on my brand!!!!! You guys are amazing and thank you thank you for the comments and LIKES!!!!!! I’ll be back soon. Enjoy the poems previously posted!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Love, Peace and Honesty!!!,



Random Thoughts…{December 7th, 2012}

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!!,

Random post, I don’t usually post on a Friday but here I am! For new readers it’s been awhile since I’ve done a random thoughts post but basically I speak on random things whether its personal, relationships/friendships and business. Whatever comes to mind is spoken upon. So another tragedy has hit the african american community in JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. Jordan Davis was shot last week I believe because of LOUD MUSIC!!!!!! It keeps saddening my heart because it hasn’t been a year since TRAYVON MARTIN and another senseless crime was committed to another african american male. He had no gun and was in the car but shot over LOUD MUSIC. How stupid is that? So I was upset honestly…how many has to die to change these laws??? How many families have to hurt to see change? Why because the color of our skin offends people? Makes them think negative? Makes them think we will get violent? It’s just SICKENING. He was a great kid, in school and VISITING HIS DAD sounds familiar doesn’t it? Trayvon Martin, not even A YEAR LATER!!!! You guys whether you are african american or NOT what if this was you? Your brother or friend? Then the guy Dunn said he shot him IN SELF DEFENSE!!! Crazy just crazy, no weapons were found int he vehicle Jordan and his friends were in plus he died in his friends arms. How would you feel?

Ladies…respect yourselves. Don’t allow guys to treat you like anything and get away with it! Keep yourself first and make sure everyone around you respects you. Don’t post naked pictures of yourself on INSTAGRAM to get follows…for what? Be who you are, stand out in the crowd don’t blend in. I’m a woman of integrity and empowerment. If you don’t respect yourselves, nobody will. Men will do only as much as you ALLOW THEM TO DO!!! The first time a guy acts up or mistreats you, handle it. Confront the situation. Don’t let him get away and keep repeating the same thing. Recently a guy who I was talking too only responds to me on his connivance, his time and it wasn’t consistent. To me when I’m talking to someone consistency and effort I pay much attention too. How he talks to me, treat me, interest in me and the attention all I look at. I know how I love and how I am within a relationship, I must watch how he acts. Loving hard causes a person to protect themselves much more. I’ve cut many guys off this year and next year its a clean slate. Love is something I’m passionate about, I love hard and I love with all of me. I don’t half step when I love, I go full force.

…I will be posting VERY SOON AGAIN! The poetry has been flowing heavily lately. Life has happening and my writings reflect that. From my pain, love, business and LIFE. It’s not easy these days and its eve harder to make a DREAM become a reality. In some ways I feel like an under dog  preparing to go into the new year with a full force like never before. Willing to cut anybody off who don’t support, don’t believe and just not riding. Too long I’ve been trying to please other people and this year has crushed me. I’ve came to an breaking point with so much I’m just in that “don’t give a fuck” mode. Sometimes you just have to be in that mode to be able to do what MAKES YOU HAPPY!!!!!

Love, Peace and Honesty,

Dreya ❤

….Rest In Peace Jordan Davis

Rest In Peace..

Rest In Peace..

Random Thoughts {What’s going on with me}…

Hello my loves,

It’s so much going on with me but I think I’m ready to tell what’s going on in my head and in my life. Alright! Well emotionally I’ve been trying to not slip into a depression because I’m trying to do so much! Plus I’ve been feeling behind because I’m not where I want to be for a 23 year old. But I was watching “Life Class” on Oprah’s OWN Network with Joel Osteen. I really needed to listen to the words they were saying and connect myself because how I think and feel affects what’s going on with me. I will put up some of the things he said at the end of the blog. But I’ve been doing Insanity with my love Ambie the past few weeks, crazy but so much fun. My weight is something I’m putting more time and energy into because my health is top priority not just for my brand, book and everything business wise but for me personally my health is everything so I’m working on my weight. Losing weight is very hard and a emotional roller coaster but its something that when I’m losing the weight feels AMAZING, I’m losing weight and people are taking notice and I pray it continues. Making my physical and emotional connect finally is my biggest change I’m aiming towards. Finding my style, beginning to get into make-up, begin my make-up collection, I may revamp my logo and just all around transition into the woman I see myself to be. Only I can control that.


Who all loves Rihanna? I loveeeeeeeee how she just lives and I’m trying to get to that point! She changes her hair color which I have a few ideas in mind for my own, she doesn’t let people’s opinions hold her down and she has a relationship with GOD. I love that. Just as everyone else I watch career wise, I hope she keeps going strong. She’s a year older than me but I most definitely want to party with Rihanna! Fun Fun! She’s dope and I dig it very much. Rihanna is beautiful on so many levels not even just physical but she is gorgeous inside. I think she is the testament to living your life for you. Regardless of the flaws or don’t haves living is important to being happy. I’m getting the new cd “Unapologetic”. I’ve been watching Rhi for awhile, I’m a BIG BEYONCE and she is why I found a outlet to express myself so freely within my poetry. Music is a big part of my life so I just watch amazing individuals in the business especially WOMEN, I love empowering women to do better, stay strong and just look out for yourself. Having a identity outside of a relationship, marriage and the “routine” life is something I’m strong about.

Voting, the election season is coming to an end, AMEN! Lol I enjoy politics to an extent because it causes friction and our country gets to decide who the next president will be. BUT it gets too personal, nasty and DISRESPECTFUL. My first time voting was in 2008 and I’m just as passionate as I was then, now. I watched the debates and I’ve donated to a certain campaign. I’m strong about women’s choices, our rights, education and so much when it comes to choosing a candidate for the WHITE HOUSE. They don’t run a company they’re running a whole country full of all kinds of walks of life, ethnics and etc it’s just so much to exclude certain people because of how much they make, don’t make, circumstances and just everything. Be wise with you decision when voting and just make sure you do VOTE. I voted last week!!! WOOT WOOT. Good experience, I like having my voice heard especially since my ancestors fought so hard to gain the right to vote!!!

Here are some things before I end my post I got from Oprah’s Life Class with Joel Osteen:

1. I’m looking forward to my second WIN!

2. Wake up grateful about something in your life.

3. Saying “I am beautiful” invites beauty in…

4. Whatever follows “I AM” will follow YOU

5. Whatever you feed will GROW

6. As long as you have breathe, somebody needs your talents

7. Just be who God wants YOU to be, nobody can beat you at BEING YOU!


…next week part two will be on! On OWN Oprah’s Life Class at 9:00pm with Joel Osteen…watch to become inspired. I shall return soon with new material I’m working on.

“Believe in your dreams, believe in YOURSELF and don’t give up on YOUR DREAMS. Dreams are meant to come true” ❤ – ME

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Love, Peace && Honesty,


Random Thoughts…{September 14th, 2012}

Hello my loves aka my readers,

Late night post it is this time around! Thank you for the new subscriptions I’ll be sure to keep you guys coming back for me great poetry. I love new people and feedback so keep writing me comments as well with the subscriptions. I’m gearing up for this cruise next Saturday, I’m so excited because it’s my first cruise. But it feels so far away lol! Besides the cruise I’ve been kind of emotional lately, trying to figure out where am I at emotionally. This person that I’m currently not talking too I love with a passion and miss dearly. I wish we could talk just see where each other is at and maintain a friendship. He’s someone I care about outside of a “relationship”and wish to see do well in life even if I’m not the leading lady in his life. I’m at a place where I’m 5000% focused on me, my career(s), my brand and getting the life I’ve always dreamed of. Not many can say they live out their dreams, well I will be one of them if it takes forever. I’m committed to my dreams and married to my dreams. That’s just where my head is in the game right now. When you care about someone the way that I do it doesn’t stop. I care about him more so because he’s so young! Plus I know he’s so talented so I want him to execute those talents in a way it’ll do him good. But that’s up to him ya know. I think me putting myself first is over due and I’m glad I can be at this place. It took awhile but its something that I need in order to make the moves necessary to gain success. My mind is clear and I just know what I want.

Branding is my biggest thing right now. Everyone knows I’m Dreya and I’m a Diva. It’s who I am but its not like a mean person kind of thing it’s more of “I know what I want, don’t get in my way because I’m getting it” and “I’m top notch”. I’m all about empowerment and moving forward with life. Life is about progress and taking chances with what’s given so I’m doing that right now. I’m not stressing over much anymore because I’m putting everything in God’s hands at this point. I’m just aiming to execute my dreams with the talents God has given me. Nobody else is investing the time, energy or money to get what I dream every day so I got this. I talk to God day in and day out. I do my research and I try to write down everything I want to do. My book is my first step in the door plus getting my name out there. Nobody can tell me it’s not possible because I see people achieve their dreams everyday. It’s about the hustle and how hungry you are about your dreams. So I’m the CEO, head boss chic handling her business everyday. I’m from New York and we make dreams our reality. It’s the city of big lights and big things. I love NEW YORK and I rep it much as I can. I’m trying researching different brands like Keyshia Kaior and the Kardashian brand right now. I will look into Beyonce and furthermore in days to come so I can get my ideas and thoughts together so I can be a solid brand. I’ll post this video which inspired me to just go hard for my dreams regardless what comes my way….

“Believe in your dreams, believe in YOURSELF & don’t give up on your DREAMS. Dreams are meant to COME TRUE” ❤

Love, Peace and Honesty!, 


Letter To Aaliyah: REST IN PEACE BABYGIRL…11 years later <3

It’s been 11 years since you’ve passed away, the tragic day I remember vividly until this very day. Like many others around the world I adore, love, admire and just miss you. Personally for me you drove my want to sing and to always stay humble at all times. When you passed at that time I was studying your career and craft. You were pure, angelic and gorgeous. As a woman, artists and entertainer you were everything you should have been .Your light was dimmed too soon but your legacy will forever live on through your true fans like myself. I’ll keep your legacy alive and jam to your voice for the rest of my life. I love you, always. Rest in paradise!

Love Always,


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This is the R&B Princess Aaliyah Rest In Peace

January 16th, 1979 – August 25th, 2001 Gone but NEVER forgotten