Untitled {Random Post}…6/15/2017



I’ve had a few guys expressing interest in me but in my head I’m just saying “nah, go THAT WAY”. Don’t get me wrong I get lonely at times but I’m not aiming to fill a void. My King will be IT. 

Discovery • Establishments • Journey

That’s the wave I’m on, all these visions I’ve had for years in I’m removing fear to pursue, the last guy I tried to share my time with he didn’t come through, not every guy you fall for is meant to catch you. Hard pill to swallow but truth is truth. Being single has allowed me time to go full force face to face with my fears, past and wounds. 

The hardest chapter for me was not loving myself and on all levels realizing I not only gained weight to be 300lbs, I also down graded my value to guys who didn’t deserve me and didn’t even know themselves! It’s been a whole lot of crying, forgiving and healing. Being told your whole life you aren’t pretty left some scars because in school that’s where I’d get it the most. I needed to heal from these chapters and relearn myself so that I could fall in love with my NEW self unapologetically. 

Some say I’ve changed, I have and it feels damn good. It’s a tough feeling being taken advantage of and being told what to do as if you have no voice! I couldn’t go back to who I was. I wasn’t happy. I might of worn a smile but nothing was authentic ! I finally have a sense of what it feels like to be mentally free and I need MORE. I want to know who I am, emerge myself into who I truly am and live life F R E E full of possibilities. LIMITLESS! That’s what God created for each of us and that’s the life I will lead. 

Love, Peace and Honesty ! 

Dreya the exFATgirl 

Unapologetically. {Random Post 5/16/2017}

My heart beat is getting faster and faster…
The woman I’ve always dreamt of becoming is that much closer. I’ve never been there before so it’s scary. I didn’t think it was possible to become her, powerful in her skin, do things unapologetically and be loved for who I am. Not giving a damn of what anyone thinks. I’ve always viewed women’s bodies as art and never feeling comfortable with hiding my sensual side. Always feeling empowered to live out that part of a woman that we have. 

To expose myself, to love myself and step into myself unapologetically is the space I’m in. I don’t feel like I have to filter myself because of others thoughts or who may not like it. I’m a grown woman. I’ve been raised properly and know myself now where I don’t have to live in a box that society places on black women as a hold. I love empowering women but in my heart I feel like black women are the most slept on. We get the most slack and we have to work 10 times harder to prove we deserve the best too. 

My heart can’t live in this limited lifestyle too much longer. Paycheck to paycheck life…I’ve been scared to expand and jump for the last year or so. I know expanding and taking these leaps will expand my vision and life. I’m learning to trust myself and allow God to move even without the approval of others which can be scary at times. The spirit of God that’s within me I need to guide me so that I feel secure. The lifestyle I desire no one I know is living it and many believe only celebrities can live it. I feel empowered to go for the lifestyle of greatness and unlimited possibilities on all levels of life ❤

Unapologetically Dreya is here and I’m trusting the process as I grow. With or without approval I’m now giving notice. I am who I am 💫

Love, Peace and Honesty,


VENT…{March 10,2017}


Something’s on my mind 

You see

From day one 

It’s been you and me 

I remember talking to you about LIFE 





It all

June 2012

I said a prayer 

Show me a path

To get this weight off

If you showed me a path

I’d keep it off

4 years in 

Now 88 down

I proudly wear this crown

Introducing this to me 

Has revealed a NEW ME 

I understand how unconditional LOVE IS 

Especially SELF LOVE 

In this space 

More than ever I know your within me 

That God is in me

Me and the spirit as one 

It’s aligning 

Things are beginning to unfold 

As the lies are unlearned 

Truth will be told 

So grateful 

That this crown 👑 

I’ve put on

Changed my whole mentality 

Just knowing what I am 

And how powerful I am

What they use against me 


Come for me if you want too

Nobody can break me 

They already tried to shake me 

Nobody can take me down 

It’s God IN ME

HAPPY NOW YEARRRRR 2017!!!!! {1st post of 2017}….


HAPPY NOW YEARRRRRR it is 2017!!!! My goodness has time flied!!!!


Dear readers aka my loves,

So in 2017 I’ve declared to get back to all things I love and to get back to being centered. Paying attention to my feelings and do things that makes me feel good, stretches me and places me at the next level I desire. Life is so short and we have to take the leaps of faith that will bring us closer to our true purpose here on earth. Living outside of my comfort zone is a common theme to gain the redemption I’m coming for in 2017. There is no success living within our comfort zones. So getting out and doing things that scare the crap out of me like speaking to total strangers and showing them what has changed my life but a major blessing to pull me closer to my true self. I’ve been able to discover more and more with time who I am at my core.

Coming into 2017 I did 50 miles, I let go of some past chapters that I felt in my heart was truly holding me back and instantly felt a relief. But I am ready to step into what God has for me and my family. I know I’ve been chosen and I have to take that on full force this year ready or not. We will see what the year has in stores for Dre Dre….

Love, Peace and Honesty,

Dreya the exFATgirl

Ambition …{Random Post} 9-25-16



In this moment I’m reminded why I started

Wale released the album “Ambition”… 


A year I graduated from college 

But felt like I had the biggest setback 

A dead end job hunt …

Questioned my purpose in life 

What direction was I going in

How would I step into the woman God needed me to be 

I always knew more was and is still in me 

The potential I know I have 

I just won’t let up on 

I was working at Wegmans 

Between Ambition by Wale and Beyoncé “I Was Here” 

I replayed both songs every day 

I wanted out 

Terrified because people told me Wegmans was it for me 

Plus I was in the mist of my weight loss journey 

The hurt from not finding a job

The hurt from a friendship that was dead to me gone wrong 

The hurt from B hurting me 

I became numb 

I lost myself in my workouts 

I tired myself out because that’s where I felt at my best 

But listening to those two songs kept me focused 

How I would get out from Wegmans 

How would I lose the weight 

How how how 

It just took a tole 

So when I hear those songs 

When I read my old poems from this time frame 

I just freeze 

I’ve grown so much from then 

Those who did hurt me, really didn’t deserve me 

They served their purpose 

Made me better for my true purpose 

My ambition is untouchable 

I refuse to let it slip away and just allow my dreams just be dreams 

It weighs heavy on my heart 

Not to be all I can and meant to be 

My dreams are massive 

Day by day I’m working on making my GRIND congruent to my dreams 

The tears I cry right now …

At this moment 

Mixture of happiness 


Calling to help move forward 

Calling to help become better 

Calling to strengthen myself 

Help shed the old to create new 

Comes from my heart 

Love, Peace and Honesty,

Dreya the exFATgirl

Random Post …{July 28, 2016}


Random Post …{July 28, 2016}

Hey my loves Queens and Kings,

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here but it’s never too late to drop some lines. Lately I’ve been craving MORE, out of life and myself. Adjusting to this body I’ve sculpted, people following me and multiple people who tell me greatness is upon me. Growing up I was told many things so I’m currently at a stage of believing I’m deservant to be the leader I’ve grown into, that I’ve been called to be and have the blessings and opportunities in my life. It’s a huge adjustment mentally. Realizing I’m not who I use to be or what I’ve been told I was, I’m breaking out of a mental jail.

Besides that just stepping up to the level of leadership that I’ve slowly formed, leveling up as a leader so making sure I’m doing all that I’m suppose too and being sure I’m doing what I need to lead. When your building a team your attitude changes, you become humbled and take on a new appreciation for people. For me, I’m learning to accept that I’m this great massive impactful person and I’ve learned how to lead. I was told by teachers I would be who I am today and that is a unexplainable feeling. On the flip side mentally I have to fight my own mental now because of the things told to me as a child in society.

Growing up I was told I wasn’t beautiful, rejected by guys I liked, I was disliked by my dads side of the family and I was bullied as I battled my weight in middle school. Through these obstacles I’ve managed with the grace of God to get to the point plus a powerful support system behind me. Over the past two years I fell in love with this guy who believed in me more than I believed in myself and now I’m realizing how dependent I’ve been on him.I  got confirmation that I am beautiful on those days I didn’t feel it, when I had hard times and felt down he was there. But I don’t need that. On my own I know I am powerful, I am
Beautiful and I am a leader. I’ve attracted some beast into my inner circle and business.

God has provided me with what I need and I’m choosing to thrive in it all. There’s so much in my vision to accomplish, barriers to break and a lifestyle to live to show God has promised us we can and shall live in abundance in His glory. I’m choosing to use my past as fuel to push me towards the greatness of my future. The pain is temporary because I know facing fears and having the conversations I know I have to have won’t be easy. But growth and change is not comfortable. I have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I haven’t been living in my flow, I’ve been holding so much in my head and it’s caused this anxiety within which has been trying to take over my life but I have these amazing talents to express exactly how I feel. I rebuke anxiety and fear in my life. I declare abundance, joy and happiness into my life. Asking God to remove all people and situations not for me to be removed and for my heart to feel the love and joy it deserves. I am deserving of all the blessings in my life and I will not block any blessings moving forward. Comfortable in my skin, embracing the greatness that’s in my life and who I’ve grown into all the glory to God.

Love, Peace & Honesty,

Dreya the exFATgirl

June 5th, 2013….{Random Post}

Hello darlings…my loves aka my readers,

I felt a feeling to blog tonight as I relax and wind down for the evening. SO much is going on within my life and remaining consistent is something I’m working on. I’m into many adventures and I have so many ideas that I just need to pace myself. I love what I do within my passions in life and  I jus want to be proof that when you put your mind to something, it will work. With being able to collaborate with my editor and gain the support of so many it helps me feel like…man, this is going to happen. I feel like it’s happening because I’m impacting lives, helping others, being honest, being myself and not giving up. It means so much when someone tells me they relate to my poetry, they are inspired because of my weight loss journey or they love who I am. There was a time where I felt I couldn’t even motivate anyone, I can’t help nobody and I am not pretty enough to do anything of that nature. So it’s a blessing to be in the position that I am.

My brand is for empowering women and anyone who needs it. There’s no person in this world who should feel worthless, not special or helpless because you are special. God gives each of us our own uniqueness, talents, blessings and strengths. I believe God won’t put more on us than we can bare. HE wants us to put our burdens on HIM. So I just get empowered by God when I’m at church, when I feel HIS presence and when I know HE’s guiding me. So I want to make sure my BRAND is a direct reflection of what GOD makes me feel. Plus just make some feel beautiful and whole again within themselves, too many girls, young ladies and women who suffer from low self-esteem which holds them back in life. I don’t hold back when I feel a certain kid of way, I’m not ashamed to call another woman sexy, to feel sexy, embrace my sexuality and feel good in my own skin. There’s no problem with any of that when you are secure in yourself, confident and comfortable in your skin! Impacting lives is my focus and doing what I love. There’s nothing I can’t do, I have the MOST HIGH watching me and every day it feels amazing. Don’t hesitate to feel good, to feel sexy or to wear something sexy. I have so much in stores for everything that I’m pursuing in LIFE. Nobody will stop me, GOD got me. Be blessed everyone.

May 15th, 2013…{Random Post}…What Do You Like Yourself?

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!,

Last week I had a very interesting conversation with my friend about liking ourselves. When she first asked the question “What do you like about yourself?” I was caught off guard and it took me awhile to even answer. So for my post to day I want to put the question out there “What do you like about yourself?” not what you like about yourself within a friendship, relationship or anything with other people. Take yourself out of any kind of relationship then answer the question! It’s something I feel we should know off the top of our heads without hesitation so when asked we can answer without thinking on the spot. I think this exercise can help with building up confidence and help better know ourselves outside of relations/relationship.

So for me the next day after the conversation I began rolling in the answers to the question. What I like about myself is my confidence within myself because now that I’m losing this weight it’s become even more fierce which gives me the confidence to do what I want, I like my sensitivity towards others emotions because not everyone can have that trait, I like my creativity, I like my goofiness to make people laugh, I like that I’m gentle, I like my growth and my willingness to change. I’m at this amazing stage in my life where I’m hungry to grow and change within myself because I know I’m better than what I have in the past plus the person I see myself being is someone who is very driven and a respectable business woman. I don’t see myself working for another person or having a boss. I have a lot of talent and I’m ambitious so I can’t spend 8 hours pouring into someone else’s dream and legacy when I’m a graphic designer who is also working on her first book and I’m beautiful.

When we don’t challenge ourselves we sleep on everything God wants us to become. Like at this moment I’m challenging myself to drink a gallon of water a day to help me drop weight. Losing this weight is a BIG challenge and I’m human so it’s very much a learning process day by day to lose weight. I’m challenging myself to get this website done by Fall and begin a modeling portfolio by fall as well. I know I’m more than what I am so I must push myself mentally and spiritually. Even physically because when I’m working out I get tired at some points and I’m ready to give in but I can’t this weight won’t go away on its own. I can look in the mirror and see the queen I am. This allows me to up hold strong standards with men and they challenge my standards all the time, lol. But I’m just ready to grow and finally become the woman God wants me to become. I’m being patient and I want to grow in OUR relationship. I haven’t been dating or anything but I have been talking to guys just nothing serious. I think its important when we are on these journeys to focus on ourselves.

So I ask this to you… “What do you like about yourself?”

Year of 24! {Random Post…January 20th, 2013}

It’s 2013 and I’ve turned 24!,

Hello my loves, its been awhile I’ve posted a blog. January 9th, 2013 was my day ❤ I’m now 24 years old thanks to the father above! I’ve been so blessed and just decided that it’s time for me to step up to the plate. My dreams are just that much in reach for me to achieve. There’s so many people supporting me and willing to help me do whatever I need. My support system is a big part of my success and how I’ve managed to come thus far but I honestly can say that about where I am in life. Life has been so crazy for me the past year and I just need 2013 has to be much better. I’m putting all of my energy into my transformation because I honestly need to push my brand, push my dreams into the forefront of my life. But I will say that I’m changing around my life, priorities and ready to live! I need to begin checking things off my bucket list and start having fun in the moments I do have. My appearance and brand has all of my attention. I’m currently on day 47 of Insanity and loving it! I have this amazing coach who has made me see my strength, courage, motivation and beauty all over again. Its about my effort, my choices and priorities. I have so much going on and want to share but I’ll wait to post through out the year to make sure things fall into place.

I have a picture update for you guys from my Insanity the left picture will be from day 1 and the right from day 42. It’s been a good experience for me mainly because I had a coach to get me through the whole process and she’s very supportive. I’m excited to continue my journey of weight loss and my next Beach Body program I have in mind already. Besides my transformation my book is the next big thing I’m ready to gear up to begin editing with my editor DJ Bruno. I’m hoping by spring I can get this process going because by the end of the year I will have this editing going and finished. My weight loss and book is the highlight of 2013 plus a few ventures I’m trying to get into. Getting my dreams accomplished, living more, getting my brand out there and getting my money up this year. I had a rough 2012 and I’m doing everything in my power to make 2013 my year! Stay tuned my loves! Keep supporting me through this journey!

Love, Peace and Honesty,

Dreya ❤

HAPPY NEW YEAR…{Random Post…January 3, 2013}

Hello my loves aka my readers,

I’m excited because this is the first post of 2013 ❤ Feeling great as well. I’m on day 3 of my detox and day 33 for Insanity. Came into 2013 very focused and determined to turn things around for the better starting with my health and continuing to grow in my relationship with God. My spiritual self has grown tremendously and this year I look to continue my journey. I already have a few projects going for the year plus a new logo for my BRAND and new poem titles set for new material to write. So I’m just starting off strong and tryna maintain this because being positive and look towards a better me will bring me nothing but positivity and good things. I’m ready to take leaps this year and be BOLD. Living out my happiness and changing for the better, I’m down with. I changed my hair color which is much brighter now. It’s honey blonde, needed something to brighten up my face. I’ve gotten plenty compliments on my new color and I’m told it gives me a “glow” and that’s exactly what I need moving forward that “GLOW” to keep me going. I had enough sadness in 2012 so I’m trying to keep it there.

I will be working on new material in the up coming days and I want to post at least one video too. My YouTube fam is watching. I have so many changes going on I’m trying to just take task and things day by day. You guys are my family and you all share a relationship with me that extends into my brand. My poetry is a big part of me and that goes into my book. So it’s important that I share things with you all and I keep things flowing. My poetry speaks for many, females and males. If your human, you’ll understand my stories. I speak from my heart and anything that I go through it’s in a poem. Thank you for supporting me and continue to grow with me. The book is still in the works. I’m determined to do big things with my book. Poetry is more than what the people think!!! Our generation has changed the face of poetry, I’ll prove that. Stay tuned…


Love, Peace and Honesty,