What is it?…{New Poem}

What is it?

For some reason I’ve slipped 

Away from who I am

Away from my core 

Now I stand 


To gain me back 

Remembering the days 

To myself, working on myself, relentlessly 

In my room giving myself singing classes 

Dancing as if I’m on stage 

The heartbreaks which lead to 

Beautiful pieces of poetry 

Now that’s the core of me 

Which allows me to be set free 

And for more months now that’s all

I’ve asked 

To be set free 

All that’s required of me 

All that I expect out of me

My own standards 

My own dreams 

Those visions 

That’s what I have to level up for

Because I yearn for the MORE 

I’m ready to sore 

I already been down the dark road 

I already felt depression

I already felt being UGLY 

I already felt discrimination 

That’s done 


Whatever the block is 

Gots to GO 

I have to ask myself what is it? 

Love, Peace and Honesty,

Dreya ❤


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