VENT…{March 10,2017}


Something’s on my mind 

You see

From day one 

It’s been you and me 

I remember talking to you about LIFE 





It all

June 2012

I said a prayer 

Show me a path

To get this weight off

If you showed me a path

I’d keep it off

4 years in 

Now 88 down

I proudly wear this crown

Introducing this to me 

Has revealed a NEW ME 

I understand how unconditional LOVE IS 

Especially SELF LOVE 

In this space 

More than ever I know your within me 

That God is in me

Me and the spirit as one 

It’s aligning 

Things are beginning to unfold 

As the lies are unlearned 

Truth will be told 

So grateful 

That this crown 👑 

I’ve put on

Changed my whole mentality 

Just knowing what I am 

And how powerful I am

What they use against me 


Come for me if you want too

Nobody can break me 

They already tried to shake me 

Nobody can take me down 

It’s God IN ME


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