Healing is a process …{November 3,2016} RANDOM THOUGHTS


Hey loves (my readers),

For me the last few weeks have been full of healing, centering, refocusing and growing. I’ve decided to take a look back into my past on a deeper level to figure out why I am the way I am, close chapters and to begin celebrating myself. No longer living through others validation, opinions and just loving myself to gain who I am really supposed to be. It wasn’t until the middle of my #90daysoflovingdreya I began listening to Lisa Nichols and she told how she went through a process of healing plus celebrating herself. Recently I was told I don’t celebrate myself enough and I wasn’t sure how to go about this celebrating myself. I also knew I needed to go within my heart and see what’s going on. I’m considering extending this journey of loving myself deeper.

I’ve began writing again yes and it feels good to do it again apart of my flow during my evening wind down and ease my mind. I’ve been taking a look at meditating as well. Different ways to heal, ease my mind, thoughts and also listen/hear God. It’s important to be still with no distractions when your in a space which I’m in. So I’m soaking up the moments I do get alone and finding more time to be alone. I am grateful for those moments for sure, I’m pouring back into my cup and venting. I do things different and I have to be okay with that. Who I am is different from someone else but it’s been a damn good journey so far so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

HEAL * GROW * DEVELOP * that’s the flow I am in and I am for awhile to fully be who I am suppose to be without anyone else approval but my own. I’ve realized for a long time after 2013 until now I’ve been looking for validation for certain things when I only need mine when it comes to ME. So I am enjoying this flow I am in. I have to get back to me and the core of who I am and living in that daily, without anyone dictating anything. It feels good. I had to come share from my heart. This is my element. ❤

Love, Peace and Honesty,

Dreya ❤


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