Stronger Than That…{NEW POEM}


Stronger Than That…

It’s been a weight on me ever since I decided to let go

Some days I’m good

Other days I’m in need of you

Sometimes it’s days consistently 

Keeps me torn

The first heartbreak didn’t see coming 

Second one I got burnt 

Third time I just got sick of it

No commitment

Why am I in this?

That’s what I ask

You were there during rough times 

Your belief in me was stronger than mine

But now it’s time I get back to mine 

Building my belief 

Building back my momentum 

No half stepping bullshit

It’s not cutting it 

Physically I’m not around you

Mentally your still in my system 

But I gotta get rid of you

It’s almost like a drug 

But my heart been through enough 

I know I am enough, more than enough 

To get what I deserve 

I’m not her anymore 

She doesn’t need another persons validation 

All she need is her own 

With the guidance of God

You played with my emotions 

You played with my heart 

I’m not about that life 

Never was and never will believe 

The shit you’ve done 

I’m stronger than that

Love, Peace and Honesty,



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