To Heal…{New Poem} August 2016

To Heal…

Growing up the pen and paper is where I told my story
It’s my safe haven
It’s my outlet
Nobody can judge me
It’s mine
I never understood how one can treat their own niece differently because she was darker than the other
I was always told the stories
Too young to grasp
Too young to understand
Young and innocent
Yet to this day it stings a bit
I never spoke upon this hurt
Only through my poetry
After that I left it on the paper
Never let it get to the point where I hate her
Forgiveness is key to healing
I gotta let go of this feeling
The past is done
Living in that is not fun
Took me some years to say I’m beautiful
After each rejection between family and crushes
I had to tell me self who the boss is
Now it’s my turn to help those growing through this
Know what your truth is
But forgive
Don’t allow colorism to hold you in bondage
Look in the mirror tell yourself
You love you
You got you
You are beautiful
Hug yourself and love yourself
Confront yourself so that you …
Can heal


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