Falling Back In Love With Me…{NEW POEM August 2016)


The past two years
Have been such a roller coaster
Prior to that I felt on top of the world
Beginning my journey
Releasing 67 pounds
Feeling at my best self
Empowering on all levels
Feeling fearless
2014 happened…
Life happened

Gaining back 40 pounds was tough
I knew I didn’t want to go backwards
After moving 10 steps forward
In 2014 a friendship of 12+ years began to go left
Took me off the map
But then I met him
He built me up
He believed in me at this time more than myself
The more time we spent
The more I fell

I honestly thought he was the one
I didn’t want to let him go
But what I wanted he wasn’t ready for
But today I no long need that outside validation
Agreement to go separate ways
Hard because he’s familiar to me
Comfort is with him
My heart is partly with him
In my eyes I gave a lot to him
I still love him but not in love with him

I know I deserve more
God created me for more
For a King who gets me
Love on me and love with me
Willing to grow with me
On all levels
Keeps me focused, elevates me and challenges me
For now I’m doing me
To continue to discover me

Every day I’m still learning
I’m most definitely a student to life
But more importantly a student to the most High
I’m comfortable in my skin
I’m comfortable in my purpose
And I’m comfortable with falling back in love with me

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