Random Post …{July 28, 2016}


Random Post …{July 28, 2016}

Hey my loves Queens and Kings,

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here but it’s never too late to drop some lines. Lately I’ve been craving MORE, out of life and myself. Adjusting to this body I’ve sculpted, people following me and multiple people who tell me greatness is upon me. Growing up I was told many things so I’m currently at a stage of believing I’m deservant to be the leader I’ve grown into, that I’ve been called to be and have the blessings and opportunities in my life. It’s a huge adjustment mentally. Realizing I’m not who I use to be or what I’ve been told I was, I’m breaking out of a mental jail.

Besides that just stepping up to the level of leadership that I’ve slowly formed, leveling up as a leader so making sure I’m doing all that I’m suppose too and being sure I’m doing what I need to lead. When your building a team your attitude changes, you become humbled and take on a new appreciation for people. For me, I’m learning to accept that I’m this great massive impactful person and I’ve learned how to lead. I was told by teachers I would be who I am today and that is a unexplainable feeling. On the flip side mentally I have to fight my own mental now because of the things told to me as a child in society.

Growing up I was told I wasn’t beautiful, rejected by guys I liked, I was disliked by my dads side of the family and I was bullied as I battled my weight in middle school. Through these obstacles I’ve managed with the grace of God to get to the point plus a powerful support system behind me. Over the past two years I fell in love with this guy who believed in me more than I believed in myself and now I’m realizing how dependent I’ve been on him.I  got confirmation that I am beautiful on those days I didn’t feel it, when I had hard times and felt down he was there. But I don’t need that. On my own I know I am powerful, I am
Beautiful and I am a leader. I’ve attracted some beast into my inner circle and business.

God has provided me with what I need and I’m choosing to thrive in it all. There’s so much in my vision to accomplish, barriers to break and a lifestyle to live to show God has promised us we can and shall live in abundance in His glory. I’m choosing to use my past as fuel to push me towards the greatness of my future. The pain is temporary because I know facing fears and having the conversations I know I have to have won’t be easy. But growth and change is not comfortable. I have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I haven’t been living in my flow, I’ve been holding so much in my head and it’s caused this anxiety within which has been trying to take over my life but I have these amazing talents to express exactly how I feel. I rebuke anxiety and fear in my life. I declare abundance, joy and happiness into my life. Asking God to remove all people and situations not for me to be removed and for my heart to feel the love and joy it deserves. I am deserving of all the blessings in my life and I will not block any blessings moving forward. Comfortable in my skin, embracing the greatness that’s in my life and who I’ve grown into all the glory to God.

Love, Peace & Honesty,

Dreya the exFATgirl

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