Random post {October 20th, 2015}

I don’t desire to be defined but to redefine societies definition of beauty, success and sexy. Always feeling like I’m the under dog I feel entitled to show, you can make your own way out of no way. I don’t wish to be skinny but rather make others uncomfortable with my thick because it’s just the right fit for me. God created us differently so why fit in when we’re meant to stand out?

My legacy I want to be all about self love, self empowerment and bold confidence to live and move forward even in the mist of adversity. Women of color to me get hit the hardest of them all and it’s a goal of mine to build us up. I’ve been the outkast, I’ve been the under dog and in a sense now I’m feeling loved. Once I found what I love, what my flow is and my it factor I can go in. I want to help others find it.

Being a darker hue shade of black I truly feel the urge to help women of darker hues be confident in their skin, I know the battle and I can see it’s still in today’s culture of society. It’s in my heart to help in a way that will impact majorly and positively. There’s no need to frown when God gave us the crown. Too often in our black community do we tear each other down I’d rather be apart of creating space of building each other up. I love my sistahs ❤️ we’re in this thing together and with so many aspects trying to break us, someone has to make a difference. Why not let it be me?

From my curves to my skin I love what’s within, can’t nobody take what God has given me and I just want to pass the gift that’s been given to make my sistah smile because she loves herself, her curves and her testimony because she made it to her victory 👑


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