✨ Random Thoughts: 9.24.15✨

✨ Random Thoughts: 9.24.15✨

As I feel I’m in a odd place with life and my weight I also feel like I’m growing & learning. I don’t desire to remain where I am. Being stagnant doesn’t feel good to me outside or inside. I do feel like God just wants me to listen, pay more attention to HIM & lean on HIM more than I do currently. I feel HIM working in my favor even if it’s not as quick as I want.

I’ve put myself on a time limit to finally get this weight off. The burn out, the last 35 pounds left over from my #roadto200pounds. Getting closer to my LEVEL 10 results !!! I’m not going to post progress pictures until December. I’m planning on picking back up my exFATgirl movement and release my ebook for my movement.

I get October, November & December to lose these last pounds. By December 30th I will be my ultimate goal of 200 pounds & WORLD TEAM. I’m not sure of the how but I do know that I’ve been taking for granted my capabilities, my opportunity to change lives/grow and I personally need bigger changed. I need to go back to building my own momentum and that’s my goal for the 4th Quarter of 2015….it’s time to dig deeper than I’ve ever have! Be blessed.

Love, Peace & Honesty,

Dreya the exFATgirl

IMG_7241 IMG_7267 IMG_7278 IMG_7306

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