Random Thoughts {September 16th, 2015}….

Random Thoughts {September 16th, 2015}….

There’s a beast who is inside of me that lived once before. Tapping into her has been the battle of my life, the amount of fearless, independence and confidence I felt in 2013 it’s all I want. I was on a consistent schedule, strict eating and God was so into my soul. Gods presence has never left I feel Him moving but the fierce, fearless and go getter attitude is hiding. It’s hurting me that for some reason I just can’t tab into that beast. That momentum was fireeeeeee & people saw it. I don’t know how long I’ll have to fight to get my beast mode back but I need her. It don’t feel the same …

When you know and have felt your full potential you just know when you can go harder…I’m going to tab back into her. I’m the exFATgirl fueled by Herbalife ❤

Love, Peace & Honesty …



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