Put Up a Fight … {NEW POEM}

Put Up a Fight

There’s a vision in my heart
I’ve already got a head start
Nobody said it would be easy
But it’s not easy pushing to leave my mark
Some of my toughest battles I didn’t know I’d win …
Depression ✔️
Self Confidence ✔️
Obesity ✔️
Those are just a few, you never know what’s next to grow through

My standards are set high
I came from a loving family
But I’ve seen the struggle, I’ve felt the struggle
So to live beyond just comfortable
To be able to live without hesitation
And not in scarcity
Yeah that’s what I mean…
I’m meant to live as a Queen
Getting there I’ll need to fight

For the guys who did me wrong
For each person who took advantage
For the sake of my family
For the girl battling her self because of her skin
For the woman battling her weight
For each and every person who believes in me
For each person who’s waiting for me to slip up
I gotta put up a fight

Biggest battles I currently face is all inner
I must decrease so that Father God can increase in all aspects of my life
Strip anxiety, fear, stress and negativity out of my life
Help me carry out the vision you seek for my life
Change my mindset
Change my consistency
Strengthen my heart and physical being
So I’m able to put up a fight – Amen


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