Random Post {July 28th, 2015}

Random Post {July 28th, 2015}….

July has been yet again another emotional month for me. But also awakening in the sense of I feel God’s presence strongly speaking to me …just like when HE spoke to me back when I first started my journey and I had got baptized a few months after I started my weight loss journey. I’ve been battling my flesh on many things so I chose to go on a detox and take back control where I can. I wasn’t afraid starting my journey and I desperately needed to get back to that place.

My heart finally is in the right place, it’s happy because I don’t hate my job which I’m now helping take care of my grandmother so that she doesn’t have to go into a nursing home and pursuing my passion in life…helping others as a health coach. After spending 7 years as a cashier I feel extremely free. I feel closer to my calling in life and I’m surrounded by nothing but love.

I fell in love with a friend of mine who’s amazing and he’s everything I desire in a grown man. Months ago we agreed to maintaining a friendship because we don’t want to mess up such a beautiful friendship we have. No lie it’s hard to not cross that line and I look at him as one of my best guy friends I rather have him in my life as a friend than not at all. I recently learned that I lean on him for much support and not enough on my Faith which I’m changing right now. God has a way of making you realize things and that’s what happened. I wasn’t praying enough or spending enough time with God ! I was instead seeking help and guidance from others outside of HIM who can change it all.

I’m not perfect, I’m a work in progress and I know I want love in the most genuine form that’s the real thing because I feel like I’ve gone through enough heartache God has to have a special King just waiting for me lol there’s so much more life for me to live, I know I have to do some more living before I take that path down the road of Marriage and Motherhood 💕 I pray in the next two years those will be fulfilled that’s why I’m so determined to get these career paths popping. exFATgirl in the building 💪🏾


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