Random Post {July 5th, 2015} …

Random Post {July 5th, 2015} …

Hey my loves,
Man oh man the devil has been at work in my life. It’s been bumpy and rough the last three months. Prayers just getting my powerful and longer. There’s pieces of me that need to be rejuvenated, today I believe apart of my WHY has been rejuvenated. I met with a potential client who wanted a 3-Day Trial to try these amazing and powerful Herbalife products !!!!

She’s been watching my journey since I started three years ago and just kept getting inspired. Finally we get to come together and I get to be apart of her journey ! It’s exciting. My want and need to help others get into the best shape of their lives plus continue my own journey is so amazing. There’s so much growth I have to do and as a woman, leader, daughter, sister, niece and friend there’s much work for me to do.

When I left my 7 year job go I felt a weight lifted. I wasn’t happy at all. Not fulfilled, lower back began killing me, it wasn’t paying my bills and I was ready to go. So here I am. God’s placed me in a situation where I can focus on what I truly want out of life and help my family all in one. My focus is on FLEEK ! lol, I’m excited about what life has to offer, willing to seek opportunities I create and show what I’m made of. Life is short and there’s no room to be anything but happy. Be blessed.

Love, Peace & Honesty,




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