It’s been a few years now but the scars still remain
Today thoughts linger
But I can honestly say there’s no anger
Taken advantage of, lies, betrayal, mislead
Yeah I remember
But I refuse for it to hinder
I put trust into all of you
Loved one of you endlessly
Took a chance, got on a plane and fought hard to win your heart
Some reason you couldn’t commit
You were talking about moving up here, going to school and all
Then boom this new chick comes into the picture
Shattered me

You told me I was the only one
Facebook told another story
Three months later I see for myself
Who she was, you was with her and now you got one but two kids with her
I dodged a bullet
Because you put me through it
A blessing in disguise
Now I’m the one winning
I know exactly what I don’t want
I know the signs
I know my heart
I can smell the bullshit
Yeah you had all of it

Baby face, pearly white teeth, six pack and all
But I learned my lesson
Looks don’t mean nothing AT ALL
From these two situations I withdrew from emotions
I stopped doing so much for guys
I let them show me what it is they want
No more words, actions speaks louder
I’m a bit colder once you do me wrong
Lessons I’ve learned is to never live in denial
Always ask questions, be vocal about what you expect and ALWAYS lead by God
I got my heart broken, I’m good now
Cried my tears I just gotta live with a few scars

….this is a poem I wrote TODAY!!!! Raw emotions because yesterday I was listening to Ashanti’s song Scars and it inspired me to create a poem. I’ll post the song so you can listen to the words and relate. It made me think about past situations I’ve been through and how far I’ve come !!!! Life is crazy and it’s okay. God gives the hardest to task to HIS SOLDIERS


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