Mindset {Random Post 6-21-15}

Hey loves aka my readers ❤

I’ve been focusing on converting my mindset to be able to open up to the potential and dreams my eyes are set on. I’m the type that if something bad happens I tend to let it get to me and then when bill collectors call or someone calls with even more stress or weighs on me. I start to feel defeated because it feels like a lot is stacked upon my shoulders.

I went to college 4 years for Graphic Design and I was excited and I had this somewhat internship. That fell through, I ended up job hunting forever becoming stressed out because I couldn’t land anything in my field of study. I was praying to God about it and crying about it every night !!!! It never got better. I stressed my way to 300 pounds, friendships became on ice and I distance myself from many because I felt little and underneath what I saw myself in every one else’s eyes. I wasn’t fulfilling the duties I was suppose too due to financial issues. It got to me in a very dark way.

I needed my time to find myself and that’s when I got baptized, I began my weight loss journey, I began writing my poetry book and releasing everything I felt that held me back !!!! It’s not easy to stay on that path, I go through phases where I’m doing great, then my mind starts slipping & I feel defeated again so I’m just trying to find that balance because I’m a conquer, I’m a winner and I know I’m more than any type of circumstances that may come my way. God has brought me a mighty long way, I feel so good, I look good and I’m told I look YOUNGER IM ONLY 26 lol I’ll take that though 💕💋😻 I’m blessed and I know it, that’s why I’m choosing me and not looking back.

I will listen to Jim Rohn, read John C Maxwell, listen to Les Brown and Mark Hughes !!! Can’t forget my all time favorite Eric Thomas who makes me want to be motivational speaker !!! There’s many lives who are hurting, I need to be apart of their testimony. When I choose ME, in my eyes I choosing to fight for those lives too.

Love, Peace & Honesty 💋



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