Random Post {6.16.15}….The Battle Between Traditional Work & My Dreams….

The Battle Between Traditional Work & My Dreams….

Hello loves 💕 it’s been awhile but I needed to post something ! Lately I’ve been going through SO MUCH, I can tell the Devil has been working over time to bring me down. If you don’t know I’m from White Plains, New York 86 Dekalb Ave it’s crazy I still remember the address and we’ve been in Virginia for over 10 years. But I watched many things go down where we’re from, watched my family go through the trenches and go without so that bills were paid. Those moments stuck with me even now!!!

That being said I always was the type to DREAM BIG!!!! I love music, the industry I’ve either wanted to be apart of it or just something !!! I’m a singer so I always felt chills when certain songs come on or sing whenever my heart feels it. But growing up I’ve learned what I truly desire is the TIME FREEDOM, POSITIVE IMPACT & STABILITY that some celebrities have not all.

I’m big on stability but I always question do you give up stability to become closer to your dreams? Do you settle for 9-5 when you hate those 4 walls because you fear of failure? Or do you lean on Faith to move forward? I’ve always disliked having some dictate my time, when I do things and how. It bothers me like no other and missing out on moments that matter because you have to “work”.

Watching these beautiful women have this opportunity to stay at home with their children, build STABLE businesses, become healthy and others too !!!! Not just that but go on trips and just lead from the front every time. Working with Cristi Burnham and Crystal Carey I truly felt “This is what I want!”…not just that but to begin all my business adventures because I’m a writer at heart, impacting lives globally and speaking across the world about beauty, weight loss, confidence and battles with my skin complexion !!!! Tell me story so that someone else can tell there’s that my ultimate vision!!!!!! Be the leader in my heart I know I can be, that I will be and that I must be.

I do not want to die with my talents being bottled up, not living out my dreams or living pay check to paycheck!!!! I know there’s so much more to life then bill collectors calling, tears on my pillow and stress every 5mins. I’m not meant to be average ….so changing my mindset and my actions to match my dreams is where I am. Cristi asked me “What am I willing to give up, to get what I want?” ….I know sleeping late (pass 7am is sleeping in I’m told) so I’m working on getting gym in around that time !

For everything I’ve gone through there has to be a breakthrough truly with my name on it. My heart is almost worn out. Tears I wipe and keep smiling. Change your mindset, change your life. I’m still a work in progress but I won’t give up on me !
Be blessed 🌺

Love, Peace and Honesty

Dreyaaaaaa lol


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