Vision <3 Don't allow Circumstances to block your blessings…{4.22.15}

Hey loves,

This past weekend I was with my second family, gaining these mind blowing nuggets of knowledge ! Crying, laughing, growing, connecting and smiling together. I’m just so happy I’ve found people like me. For the longest time I felt out of place because I’ve always been positive, hopeful and wanted more for my life. I’m not satisfied with the 9-5 grind that limits are beliefs and income.  I’ve always wanted to be able to push for more than the norm. Taking care of my family, not hesitating to buy anything thats needed, paying bills on time for myself and my family. Building my own house is my ultimate dream. But I see the importance of VISION now more than ever. The day to day routines we live, it’s played out and boring. So I’m just hopefully still and excited about doing things God said HE’LL do in my life. I know I must pick up on doing my path in order to get my blessings.

I’ve gotten accustomed to doing things in groups, so now I’m reverting back to stepping out alone and on FAITH to gain what I know is mine. exFATgirl is my business and the concept behind it is what I love the most. So getting back to building my empire is my goal because I have a goal of multiple incomes to help build the empire I desire. Go anywhere I want on my time! Time freedom and passion driven of course. When you’re able to wake up because you’re PASSION wakes you up…you are doing something right. If you drag to go into work and you settle for what you do at your job…it’s time for change. Surround yourself with people who pushes you towards your greatness.

Love, Peace & Honesty,


IMG_2964 IMG_2948 IMG_2912 IMG_2906 IMG_2901 IMG_2988 IMG_2985 IMG_2983


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