I’m backkkkkkkkk <3 November 9th, 2014

Hello loves,

I know, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on my blog. So here I am ❤ I've been on my weight loss journey heavy and tuning into my role as a leader as I branch into having my own businesses. I have so many supporters and I felt like I needed to go back to what I love. Blogging started my whole social media entrance so boom, here I am. My health has became my first priority and something I feel should be first in EVERYONE's life because that's the lifeline to how we survive. Without out health, we can't work, we can't take care of our love ones or anything. So I try to help people who come to me about their weight and helping them lose weight realize how important their health is to do anything day to day.

Writing hasn't escaped my heart, I've done some poetry here and there but not like I use too ! Which is something I feel like I need to do to feel complete because at heart is who I am alongside my love for health and fitness. When you find what makes you happy, it just takes over the blindness of just wanting a "job" for the sake of money and instead start wanting to do something you love to do. When you are doing something you love, it's not "working". So I've found that and my energy has been in that.

I'm revamping my blog to open up all parts of who I am and my poetry. You get a glimpse of who I am and just more perspective behind the person who is a poet. Once or twice a week I will be blogging and just letting you guys into my life. It's my world, in my eyes and it will all be in Love, Peace and Honesty ❤


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