exFATgirl Fitness LLC, my movement : What is it?



    exFATgirl ! Wow, I can’t even put into words how excited I am about my newest venture against obesity but I wanted to give an over view or should I say introduction of what exFATgirl Fitness LLC will be in due time. As I’ve been losing my weight, I’ve been asked how did I lose my weight, what do you eat, can I work out with you?, how long do you work out and just several questions. Plus I enjoy helping others so I was like “Why don’t you start your own movement?” I began to become inspired by the amazing ladies Za who owns FCKBEINGFAT fitness and then Dawn Estelle Archer who owns SWEAT ! I wanted to make my mark against obesity so here I am. There’s no feeling that can compare to when you see your vision start to come to a reality. When I was younger I began singing and wanted to connect with people through that way, I began writing which is my passion but as well this weight loss journey has picked up momentum and I’ve connected with so many amazing women. I had to get my movement going and help those who struggle begin their journey. There’s much to learn but I’m on my way to getting things under my belt. 

    exFATgirl is the fitness branch of DREYA my brand, my mission with exFATgirl helps those who desires to get the weight off and keep it off, embrace their sexy (adults) and gain mental/emotional support to transition them into an exFATgirl. My aim focus group are young girls/ladies/women who struggle with obesity. Ranging from my FIT CLUB, Workshops and so much more I’m creating I want to get the obesity rate in this country DOWN. Obesity doesn’t feel good and after awhile you just get sick and tired I DID. I’m working with my younger cousin currently who is 15 with her weight and she’s right in the age range I need to help. It’s the age range I fell into depression. I have much work to do, marketing to do and connecting but it will all be worth the fight ! My transformation has blown people away, I just want help others do the same. ❤ More to come. 


Love, Peace and Honesty, 






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