On My Mind..Random Thoughts {March 18th, 2014}



Hello my loves aka my readers, 


     I’ve been getting back into the gym ❤ this week I’m pushing to get in minimum 5 times a week but last week I did 3 times ! There’s a push inside of me now because I’ve began my own business and I’m pressed to leave my retail/cashier job. So I’m building a following and learning about business/entrepreneurship along with trying to get this editing over for “Love, Peace and Honesty: This Is Me” book get published by the end of May. Besides that becoming certified for Insanity, getting exFATgirl off the ground and merchandise for exFATgirl going is my goal. I can’t see myself in retail any longer so I will do long nights of research and putting out money for things weekly to build my business. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and focus to work for yourself ! I’m working on my system but I”ll get it right. I’ve always wanted to work for myself and be able to create my own schedule so I’m getting it very soon, I’ speaking exFATgirl and my books into existence. I’m excited to get things under way and tell my story because this all begins with my weight loss journey that began May 2012. The book that I’m putting out features some of the poems I’ve posted here on this blog and others but its my introduction to the writing/author world. 

     The Devil has been working to get me down and out but I’m pushing very hard to get back where I need to be. I’ve received my bikini and my goal is to be 40-50 pounds lighter by May ! Hitting the gym very hard and at minimum 5 times a week ! I’m shocked at how good I looked in my bikini but I feel good in it I just want to be toned and smaller. So I want to be at least 216 by May in my bikini. Feel good and look good !!!!! Summer 2014 will be EPIC and amazing ! There’s always something that’ll try to hold you back from getting ahead. But keep pushing, things will fall into place, slowly. 




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