On My Mind …. {Update} …. March 6th, 2014 <3

Hello my loves, 

    Today at work my mind was on GO the whole time and it wasn’t at work thinking about t what I need to do at work! But yet what am I going to do to get the heck up out this place. For a very long time I’ve been dealing with the fact of not know what exactly I want to do in life and what path to take to get there. I went to college for Graphic Design, visual communication which is an amazing achievement but I didn’t do it for myself. I went to college for this major for someone else. I live with this every single day and I think about the debt, money and tears that goes with that decision all the time. I’m not in this field that I’ve taken up and I’m no passionate about the job so going full time is not even a thought. I’ve spent years looking for a job within the field but God hasn’t blessed me with a job in this field so I feel in disguise it’s a reason behind it and there’s a blessing that goes along with that reason, I got a feeling it’s because I’m not meant to go down that path. I’ve been on my weight loss journey since May 2012, I’m still going currently. It will be two years come this May 2014, it was a hard struggle to get to this point and it’s been a struggle to get back at it but I know this is where I’m meant to be. Tuesday was hard for me and the second week into getting back into the grind is a struggle! 

     Up until this point I’ve enjoy my journey, I know once I’m back on track that enjoyment will find it’s way back into my spirit lol It’s been a great feeling the whole time though! I’ve gained a platform with Instagram and Facebook so there’s a sense of responsibility and drive!!!! Knowing that I’ve inspired, motivate and encourage people I do not know is very humbling and keeps me in the mindset of “you gotta work” and people are looking at you! I established my baby exFATgirl in 2013 as my fitness line well the idea and became official February 28t, 2014!!! I got my LLC and it’s exciting, I’m nervous and so much more, lol. I’m working on the basics and foundation but I haven’t forgot about my purpose of stating my blog!!! My poetry. I will still be positing my poems and my book will drop this year. BY all means necessary the book will be published. Maintaining momentum is tough but it’s the necessary !!!! I need to blog more, I am so busy, I promise at least once or twice a week. I use to be on here daily !!!! Love you guys ❤ 


Love, Peace and Honesty, 






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