*NEW POEM* March 3rd, 2014…What’s wrong with me? (My Dark Beauty)

What’s wrong with me? (My Dark Beauty)

Before I could ever accept who I am 
I was ashamed of my skin
Growing up I felt out casted by family 
Treated different 
Struggled looking at my self
Never thought of me being a beauty
To come to this day to be a new me 
It’s a blessing truly
I love myself
I know myself 
I accept myself for my flaws and all 
That’s what makes me 
Comfortable in my skin
That’s the difference between now and then 
Days of looking at the light skin ladies
Thinking oh I want to be them 
The guys always favored them
Plus I didn’t have the long hair 
I just knew because she’s light skin, she’ll always win
But now that my eyes are open 
God has given me this glow on my beautiful brown skin 
I love who I am outside and in 
For years I questioned it
What’s wrong with me? (My dark beauty) 
The answer to begin with was in me 
Nothing is wrong with my dark beauty 
Society doesn’t get to decide who’s beautiful 
I am beautiful, so are you my dark beauty 😘 




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