Random Post { January 14th, 2014}

Hello my loves, 

         So the beginning of the year has been so good! My birthday has passed, I’m officially 25. I feel like it, lol. Celebrated very much in style and it was fun. Now it’s back to the grind of getting my brand developed and exFATgirl moving. My book published and exFATgirl established furthermore is the big goal in 2014, everyday I gain more and more ideas of what I want exFATgirl to be and how I want to do things. It’s very exciting but it’s frustrating too! Financially it’s a weight on my shoulders and I know remaining positive and proactive will get me through. Top of the year, I recreated my website and I began a new segment on my social media, I started it already on my blog called “Confessions of an exFATgirl” which has been a HIT and I have a few ideas for that too, my goal is just to be creative as possible and dominate this year. I’m still looking for full time employment to get my businesses off the ground and go hard. It’s hard to stop an determined and ambitious woman like myself. I’ve been feeling ALOT of jealousy and envy the last few weeks and it’s crazy. Some of the people in my life, I didn’t think would do me wrong or mistreat me, have. SO I’ve been distancing myself and just observing things in my surroundings. Removing myself from these situations is my only focus. All negativity must be shut down, I have 30 more pounds to drop to hit 200 pounds and tone up. I’m still debating what size I should stop and maintain but I know what looks healthy and toned, I’m happy with. Some think I look great now but I’m still a work in progress. I’m inspiring others and I’m ready to touch more ladies. I’m also ready to push my own limits because I know I’m meant to be more. God is working on me ❤ 


Love, Peace && Honesty, 

Dreya ❤ 




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