Happy New Year,

It’s 2014 and I wanted to start the year off by introducing my confessions to Instagram and Facebook. My blog I’ve been posting my confessions but my social media I wanted to wait to begin this new outlet for my fitness line. Recently the past few months I’ve been more into tabbing into the new Dreya, who I’ve become and embracing myself in the sense of being sexy. I can say I’m sexy and feel amazing while saying it. There’s nothing like wearing a fitted outfit that flatters my body and be able to flaunt what I’ve been busting my ass for working out. It’s a feeling that comes over me and it’s unexplainable but ladies lets get right just for the sake of wanting to look good for ourselves because we love ourselves. Sexy is about confidence and it exudes from your skin, soul and aura when you are confident in your own skin. I believe that every woman living should experience the feeling of empowerment and feel sexy in their own skin. Let it be you want to lose weight, had a baby or under weight find a way to be confident with who you are. There’s so much in life to be happy about and our bodies is all we have. What we eat, what we drink and just everything is important when it comes to our bodies. This journey has opened my eyes to so much and knowing that God gave me my body and it’s my temple, I must sculpt it, cherish it an nurture it because its all I have.

It’s now 2014, we know life is short and nothing should be taken for granted not even our health. Live like you know life is short and carry yourself in a manner that’s respectable, love yourself enough to take time out to take care of your God given body. One you get the hang of weight loss and see results, you will be happy you took that first step towards a better you. Don’t be afraid of being healthy, don’t be afraid of being sexy, embrace your sexuality and flaunt what you work hard for…why not? Beyonce made a few good pointed in this video about being sexy, fantasies and all while being a mother. Amazing woman she is. Enjoy the video:


Love, Peace && Honesty,



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