Confessions of an exFATgirl: Embracing the NEW ME.

Hello my loves, 

     I will say around the beginning of this year February/March I began to really see changes within my body that everyone else around me was seeing all along. I knew I lost weight but it took me longer to see every curve and see the new sexy within myself. I’ve found a new confidence and love for myself. After my sophomore year in high school I never really battled confidence issues up until last year 2012, on and off I just began to not feel good about myself because inside I didn’t feel well and even when the moments when I did feel good it was hard to match the inside and out. I encourage anyone going through this to stay int he fight because we only get one life to live and once you see the results as time goes on and you begin to feel empowered, it’s all worth it. I’m fighting to stay in the fight, I do get comfortable but I have goals and I need my body to be toned up! So I will continue on despite people’s opinions of what they think I should do, loving what I see in the mirror and feeling sexy is an feeling that can’t compare! Nobody can take that feeling from you once you establish that sexiness and fierce confidence. Now when I look in that mirror I smile, I love my body and it empowers me to continue to keep going. Why listen to those who don’t walk your shoes? When will you finally do something for you? When will you put yourself first? When was the last time you told yourself you loved YOU? 

   Along with this weight loss I’ve learned to embrace this new body of mine, it comes with the pressure to continue on which I am because like I said I have a goal in mind, I receive more attention for men which is expected but it’s different because when I was heavier I didn’t get as much attention but I know I’ll get even more as I keep going. I know that my goals and priorities stay evolving and I’m challenging myself even as we go into 2014! I don’t want to become stagnant in life, I don’t desire to be defined as a person or be someone who is afraid to be sexy, confident and empowered! There’s so much as women to do in today’s world and I want to get out of my box to experience life, be independent furthermore and establish all that JESUS created me to be in life. When I look back at things all I desire to see is growth and progress as one a woman, a person, Christian and now an blossoming business woman. I’m willing to be the example to those around me that we can be more than what we see and that if we push ourselves to an ultimate limit theres no boundaries we can’t break. I love my new self, I look forward to the new changes to come and I’m excited face my fears which will take ALOT of me. I’m made for this … if God brings me to it, HE’ll bring me THROUGH IT! 

Love, Peace and Honesty,

Dreya ❤ 




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