Random Post …{December 3rd, 2013}

Hello my loves aka my readers, 


             You see my trying to update things thing more, that’s right I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’m three days into my detox and Im doing Insanity at the same time…preparing for the New Year and my 25th birthday! It’s still crazy to me how this year has flown by and how I’m cleaning my slate for another NEW YEAR to enter lol. 2013 has been more than what I imaged and it’s al because I decided to change and its been a struggle to maintain the momentum but I’m getting my mojo back. I love to work out and I’m relearning to take out my anger, frustrations and excuses out when it’s beast time. I go into beast mode once I’m into my routine and I know my rhythm so I’m excited to get into this because I was literally working out everyday and I was going hard. Life got in the way but as I just did nothing, only time was slipping so I must jump back into this thing. I was able to it the track today, it was nice outside and I did my mile and once I get home I’m doing my Insanity. It’s a mind thing and when I think back to what I looked like back at 300 pounds and how I fly, it makes me disgusted and mentally, takes my ass to work out lol. One good suggestion is to get naked in front of a mirror and ask yourself “do I like what I see or better yet LOVE what I see?” If not, there’s your answer. When you make as much progress as I have and feel as motivated as I do…you can’t give up. I’m taking on A LOT going into 2014 but that’s what leaders do and I desire to be the voice of those who are too shy and don’t have the courage to speak up. 

     Going into 2014, I always reevaluate my life as a whole, I think about my job situation, my family, my friendships and my relationships with people I deal with every day. You have to keep positivity around you to accomplish you goals on a daily basis and you can’t allow negativity around you, self doubt and mental negativity to keep you from achieving the things you desire. Once you set your mid to something, that’s it. No one can push YOU, like YOU. So keep that in mind as we close 2013 and head into a whole New Year. I’m not too sure what God has planned within the New Year but I’m setting up my foundation currently so that I can execute and go BEYOND in 2014. I never like being at the same level as the year prior. Growth, progress and change are things I’m very big on besides consistency. It’s all about being happy at the end of the day and living a life that you are proud of and can be YOURSELF living. That’s what matters and has most importance. Don’t allow yourself to get in your own way and be willing to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone. We only live once, why not make the best damn thing. BE BLESSED!!!! BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS && BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.


Love, Peace && Honesty,

Dreya ❤ 


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