Do Right {…Oldie but GOODIE}

Do Right


Inspired by Mario’s “Do Right” song


In today’s crazy world it’s hard to get by it’s hard to do right

In life there’s decisions to make that affects our lives in more ways than one

People make quick choices and didn’t think to begin with

When you live the fast life

You’re always doing what you shouldn’t be so, you got more chances of either

Being locked up, killed or going down the wrong path


You know the difference in wrong and right

Just take a second and do the math

The hardship in today’s life gets tougher as each day goes on

But that’s what you faith and good will is for

Not for you to ignore

As hard as rejection and loneliness is life has to be sore


Then the appreciation is so much more

If you have a talent or a passion that you love use it for your own self

Don’t let what others feel stop your dream or your love for that passion

It’s your life, not theirs

Do what your heart tells you

Do right


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