Just To Be Loved…{Oldie but goodie}

Just to Be Loved


It’s the one thing that truly completes me

To know I have someone to be my rock

To have someone by my side through it all

When everything and everyone else is against me, he’s right by me

Have that person I can count on to do right by

He’ll guide my heart in the right direction, after being mislead

The world can be a cruel one

Having him to myself is all I need to make it through


At night I want him by my side

When I don’t think I can go on he’ll hold me

He’ll whisper in my ear “you can do it”

He’ll love me at my best and cherish me at my worst

Anyone can talk about loving me

But he’ll prove to me, he’ll love me

It’s all what I want out of a man

I honestly just want to be loved


October 19th, 2008



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