A Sensitive Heart…{Oldie but Goodie}

A Sensitive Heart


When it comes to anything in my life

My heart always comes first

I’m the type who loves hard

So when I get heartbroken

It hurts 10 times more

Good or bad, I’ve accepted it

It’s who I am…


My heart has been broken, stabbed, played and toyed with

Whenever I get hurt or let down my heart is the first to respond

And it feels like my world crumbles right behind

Having a sensitive heart makes me think that I have to be extra careful

It’s frustrating when the cycle of people hurting you, keeps repeating

Sometimes it makes you feel alone


To let go and trust again is harder

To figure out what true love, truly is seems undoable

To be happy is hard to do at times

And it can make you feel everyone is against you

You keep replaying the hurt you suffered

But true love is what you seek for


I’m protective over my heart

The last thing I want to go back to is where I was when I fell so deep

I lost myself

A time of my life I seem to always resort too

It’s a big part of me

Being free and finding my true happiness includes my sensitive heart

There’s nothing that means more to me than someone who can touch my heart

There’s nothing like having a sensitive heart


October 19th, 2008



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