Confessions of an exFATgirl: Hitting that wall…the struggle is real!!!!! {November 19th,2013}

Hello love <3, 

    The weight loss journey is not an easy one! I just had to take a moment to speak on something that I’ve hit a few times within my weight loss journey. Whether its my weight at an stand still or just LIFE happening and I can’t seem to stop myself from emotionally eating. It’s something I’m currently battling because my stress level is on HIGH trying to find a job, build my brand, establish myself further within my dreams and just trying to pull through. It’s easy to just give up and go back into old ways of over eating and not working out. Getting back into my routine to achieve my goal of 180 by my birthday January 9th, is a TOP priority. Thinking about why I started and why I must keep pushing is all I think about. Life is most definitely trying to get the best of me and even though I’m stressed out, I’m trying to keep from going backwards. 

   Now that I’ve gained a nice amount of followers on Instagram and Twitter I try to keep myself going! Mentally is something I must keep in my head and push through my struggles. Knowing my story, my ultimate goals and dreams all play a role into taking this journey into the next level. Impacting others lives, showing others what to do to beat OBESITY and getting out of our own way to achieve our dreams and ideal weight goals!!!! The first step is the hardest and afterwards, you just keep going hard! Hitting this wall is apart of the process but I know at the end of the day, my ideal body is underneath all of this. I began my journey at 300 pounds and I’m currently 234! Don’t allow people to influence your LIFE decisions especially changing your way of eating, your health is not to be played with. YOUR LIFE DOES COUNT and YOU DO MATTER!!!!! It’s all up to YOU!!!!! Decide what you want and go for it. Stick to your guns. Know your worth, stay consistent and know that your ideal body is in the makings. BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE BECAUSE A NEW YOUUUUUU is coming!!!!! Be blessed!

Love, Peace and Honesty, 

Dreya ❤ 




  1. Tiffany · November 23, 2013

    Shadreya, thank you for creating this website! Your words are comforting and very uplifting. I am currently at my heaviest, 271lbs and just feel like “blah” No energy, no motivation, no hope, and lost. I’m always depressed and just feel so effortless. I’ve seen your pics and follow you through your “journey” and it really feels great to know that I wasn’t alone. Other people feel the same way and you’ve taught me how to “LOVE ME” and I just really wanted to share that with you!

    • dreya07 · November 23, 2013

      Tiffany — you aren’t alone babes. It’s a daily challenge with weight loss but the good thing about it, we aren’t fighting this alone. Soon I’ll be posting videos of my second half of my journey and doing what I can to help others, like yourself. Don’t give up, make the change that you desire. Love yourself. I’m glad I can teach you something that’s so very important within our lives. Check back soon, thank you for following and be strong. xoxoxo

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