Hey loves. {October 12th, 2013}

Hello loves aka my readers, 

    Your girl been going through some things but I’m proud to say I’ve lost 62 pounds thus far on my weight loss journey. I’m trying to stay on track, life gets in the way too much but I need to keep my eyes on the prize. Within the madness of my life, I’ve met this amazing guy who I’m gonna keep private with his name and all of that but he has been a blessing through it all in such a short amount of time. Awhile ago when I cut off my ex’s and people I felt held me down, I really went through it before 2013 came in and I wanted someone just to vibe with, get to know and potentially grow into something more. God always has perfect timing! I honestly have been so focused on myself and in-tuned to what I’m doing that at first I was like “oh he’s cute” but that’s it. But slowly he’s gaining my attention and supports everything I do.  My boo thang ❤ 

    Besides that, let’s get to business! The book is still in editing, I know “STILL” lol. Yes my editor, I’m currently just awaiting to see what her feedback is on my outline and go from there. Next year I must publish this baby. I’ve been gearing up for this for so long but timing is everything so my platform is my biggest concern as of now. I’m doing freelance projects again and I’ve started a FIT CLUB! YESSSSSSSS and I have a few more ventures I have my eyes on BUT just know I am always busy. I may always be on my phone and laptop but it’s business related…I’m really a business woman. I love working for myself. No boss, no one  telling me what to do or anything. I will be looking into how to seriously get into working for myself and taxes etc. The time is now, the stress of working in retail, can be no more. It’s too much. I know working for myself will be a lot more but it’s for myself and what I love to do. Hard work always pays off so regardless at the end of the day, I’ll be happy. Happiness is the key to life.

    I’ve been writing poetry here and there when I’m able, I know you guys miss it so I’ll be posting stuff. I will be revamping this blog soon. New post and more interaction. I now have my own website… www.dreyais.com please visit my site! I will not change my blog because of my website. I miss posting on here, finding a routine is my next agenda because I know posting on a daily schedule is a biggie. But be blessed, I’ll be back soon. Muah xoxoxo


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