Random Post {August 12th, 2013}

Hello my loves, 

    It’s been awhile and I’ve missed you guys very much! I’ve been M.I.A, getting back on my posting and videos is apart of my end of the year goals. Right now I’m going hard with my weight loss, goals, my book, branding and figuring out what I’m doing because the pressure is turnt all the way UP. But, I’m on the right track so I’m not too worried, I’ve tried pleasing others for far too long and I’m focused on achieving my dreams. Finding a path to my dreams, I really am zoned into. I’m in love with fitness and helping others so there for within that I’m wanting to get out of retail. I’ve been at Wegmans 5 years, so it’s just hitting me of what do I do? Things haven’t fell into place but I know that the vision in my head, was instilled in me by God. Too many signs and repeats from people I’ve came along in my path said “You have a talent for writing” and “Your talented”…these things happen for a reason. My persistance has helped me drop 60 pounds, about to edit my manuscript to publish my book, working with a branding consultant and now a Beachbody coach. I’m a strong believer in things happening for a reason because God introduced me to Beachbody, I was 300 pounds. I’m going hard and I’m not stopping. 

       Dreams are meant to be a reality! Don’t allow nobody to derail you of your dreams. Not your parents, friends, family or a spouse. There’s no other person other than YOU who can live out your God given dreams and make them a reality but YOU. I take heat for pursuing my dreams and not pursuing my degree which is Graphic Design full time. But that’s not my passion, I’m being honest, I enjoy doing it but I love writing and impacting lives. I’ve had more happiness out of others telling me how I’ve helped inspired them and telling my story. That’s what keeps me going. Therefore I’ll wait for the cash to come. Money is not everything and I’m on the right path! I KNOW I AM. I feel God everyday, I’m following my heart, my happiness and my dreams. I live for that and I scream it everyday…why wouldn’t I act on it? 

  New poetry, I will be working on. I’m working heavy on my brand, website and just marketing myself to make BIG moves. Hold your head up and believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up on your dreams. Dreams are meant to come true! Have a blessed night ! 


Love, Peace and Honesty, 

Dreya ❤


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