Keep Talking…ADD to my FUEL…{NEW POEM}

Keep Talking…Add to my FUEL

You doing a lot of shade throwing 
Lips yapping 
But actions just slacking 
Ain’t spoke to you in YEARS
Yet I’m so relevant in your life
Too bad, your not in mine 
Throw the shade but I don’t see it 
I’m in my own lane, please believe it 
The more you yap, imma use that fuel

My only aim is to win 
Don’t speak on something you don’t comprehend 
You don’t walk in my shoes 
Therefore there’s nothing for you to approve 
But you should know this
It’s old news 
Nothing new 
It’s either you rock with me or shut the fuck up boo

Three years you held my heart
You know exactly what you have now lost 
Bowing out was the best move
You couldn’t handle me 
But yet claimed to love me? 
It’s all good boo, I love me 
The attraction has faded 
You will feel the raft, it’s Dreya 

The pain of your words held me down for to long 
You took advantage of my heart
Just because you knew I would hold on 
You have showed your ass plenty 
I already know you’ll be back 
Trust me 
You have a pattern
Fortunately, I’m strong enough to know better this time 
Your words no longer can impact the heart of mine 

There’s too much in this lifetime 
For me to be anything but happy 
If God is for me, who can be against me? 
I understand you are jealous of me
So sad, your the only one who can’t see it 
Took me a long time but I figured it out
After I let your friendship go
I felt like a brand new woman 
My world is good, without you in it 

There’s no need for you to try me
You can never be me
What I’ve gone through 
What I’ve experienced 
You can’t even understand the half 
I’ve used all that bullshit the devil gave 
Turned it around and did my thing 
But keep talking, add to my fuel


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