Update…{June 12th, 2013}

Hello loves,

I been saying all day “I’m posting today, I’m posting” so here I am. I’m trying to get back blogging heavily as I use too because it helps emotionally and I’m able to just be me in my own element. Almost the same feeling when I’m writing my poems! Such a writer, I know right? lol…But I’m still on this weight loss journey and lately I’ve been feeling great! With this time around with Insanity, I am counting my calories, eating clean and drinking a gallon of water a day. It’s tough! I won’t lie to nobody! So, pray for me, lol. It’s no easy task. If your debating on losing weight I say…JUST DO IT! It’s not for anyone else but yourself! If you have kids and a family that’s even more reason to go ahead and drop them pounds starting TODAY. Procrastinating about it, won’t help you lose the weight so just remember that!

Remaining focus is a big key of mine because it’s so easy to get off track and distracted. I feel like it’s my season so there for I need to keep pushing. I’m not interested in working for someone else ever after this current job that I hold. I’m very talented and I just prefer to go into business for myself and whoever is against it well sorry for you! I have a very long list of “To Do List” and it’s not getting any shorter lol so I just have to focus. Dreams are meant to be real and that’s something I full heartedly believe in. So if you have dreams or a dream, pursue them. There’s nothing wrong with doing what you love to do. I have a friend who quit her job after a year and went without a job for a few months and by the grace of God starting doing what she love which is make up. She’s blessed at what she does, doing VERY well with it and making moves. She is someone I call my sister and her name is Octavia and we always talk about doing what we love. Its not always easy taking that LEAP out on FAITH but you have to sacrifice somewhere in order for God to show you what HE is best at…the BLESSING business. I love when Steve Harvey says that because it’s just so true, God can bless you over and over and over again and you don’t even realize it.

I haven’t been working on new material but I have been rewriting my book and doing the book outline. It’s happening. I’m giving myself until the end of August to wrap this part up because by the end of the year I want to get back into the editing process because next year I aim to publish this book for once and for all. So many ideas, plans and thoughts on this book and marketing, its crazy. I’m trying to connect and collaborate with a few people I know to make things happen with this book because I need to impact as many lives as I possibly can. There’s a generation out here that’s hurting and I’m here to help so, I will do what I can.

I’ve been having a change of heart with certain people in my life, I’m not sure if I’m just growing out of them or that phase but I just know my worth, my standards and what I see myself doing in this life so I need people around me to support that and build me up towards that. Be blessed, I will be trying to write more material and post more poems for you guys! I need to recreate my page over all. It’s summer time!


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