Love Is Calling Me….{Old Poem}

Love Is Calling Me

It’s been a long adventure to find that one love

The heartbreak will always be a factor

But, you have to set your standards above

Heartbreak is the one thing I can’t handle

My love at this point is unconditional

My love at this point is undeniable

Looking for this love has made my love essential

I feel this tickling feeling every time I think of you

Being with you keeps me on my mind

Only because what we have is hard to find

The little things you say amazes me in the strongest way

When I’ll stop loving you is hard to say

Why can’t my emotions feel that same way?

Is it not right or am I okay?

You say the sweetest things

I don’t want us to change

Damn, don’t I sound lame?

Something is calling

I think I’m falling, falling in love because…

Love is calling me


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