Cater to You…{Old {Poem}

Cater to You

I want to give the world to you in your hands

Kiss you in places you never been kissed

Look you in your eyes and see your innocence

Sit down let me rub your back

In my arms is where you can relax

Let me hold you in my arms and take the stress away

Whatever you want or whatever you need you’ll receive

If you desire just ask I’ll aspire

I’m yours and I’m here to serve you

If you want it, I got it

Whatever you wish I’ll command

When I look in your eyes I see your strength

Your love so pure

Your heart so tender

Your needs, I’ll care for

No doubt I’ll adore

If you’re hungry I’ll feed you

If you’re tired fall asleep on my chest

Leave your worries up to me

Your body I’ll be glad to caress

All your pain I’ll ease

Your fears I’ll erase

My love you don’t have to chase

This is your day

All the right things I’ll say

Baby I hear you and I’m here to serve you

Everything you’ve ever wanted

I’ll be glad to give

All your wants you’ll receive

Give me your hand

I’ll take you there

We’ll go far away, where no one is

Alone just me and you

Strawberries, cherries and all

Love is what we’ll make

Heat is what we’ll share

Happiness is what I’ll see in your glare

You’re finally home…

Finally I can cater to you!


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