IT’S JUNE !!!!!

Hello loves, 

    So six months into 2013, whats going on within your life? Are your goals being accomplished? Is your New Years Resolution still holding up? Mine are. Becoming a Beachbody coach has certainly helped me maintain my goals and continue to build on that. With me continuing my work outs I’m slowly seeing more results and people are taking notice. I’m smaller than what I was so I’m beginning to hear the name “skinny minnie” but I’m not that small, I just see improvements and slow results. It’s inspiring to myself and others ya know? I’m so happy to help others and see them have the same success because weight loss is NOT easy but it’s something you must commit too. Being committed is something you have to maintain to achieve ANYTHING in life. You can not flip-flop with goals, dreams and decisions. So whatever you decide to do, stick with it. My goals daily are in rotations because they mean that much to me. 

    New poetry is in the makings so is the book outline, freelance work and so much more. This summer I plan on doing my work outs daily, dropping this weight to do something BIG come this September. Also a website to finally combine everything far as my brand. I’m just living out my dreams. I have to push and keep making myself do things because nobody else is pushing for me. Networking with people and just talking to people really has made a difference for me. All my post and ideas are doing something so I’m going to remain consistent with what I do. Getting my marketing tools together is something I’m thinking about and as well. Like its not a game. This has turned into something BIG and I’m running with it. Being the face of something so inspiring and being my own BOSS, I just don’t know what else is better. It’s mine and nobody can crush that. I think everything through and I ask for help when needed. So I’m doing it. 


Love, Peace && Honesty, 

Dreya ❤ 


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