Tough Skin…{Old Poem}

Tough Skin


This society we live in is what we make it

It’s cruel as we make it

Previously being criticized in my past I’ve proved I can take it

Every word would have a hard hit

I didn’t understand

I mind mine, listened to my music, and chilled with the girls

And I did what girls did

But being a “thick girl”

Placed in the wrong

My style wasn’t typical

My skin tone was darker

But I listened to my heart

Funny because now I’m looking like the fighter

I’ve always had close friends

But somehow I’d always be in the wrong

According to everyone else

That’s when I looked inside

Because I had tired

Tired because I had to hide

Hide my true feelings

I took a look into who I was

And I found that I’m strong, beautiful and very sexy

I had to believe in me

Find that confidence in me

That’s what brings me sexiness

I don’t say much, I kill them with kindness

Crying myself to sleep at night

Remembering smirks right in my sight

Being comfortable in my skin

Smiling even though I’m crumbling inside

I’ve developed a new person

I’ve found who I am

That confidence just pushes me day by day

Not worried about what the next, he or she say

I got that tough skin


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