Random Post…

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!!, 

    I’m a little late with this post but I just had thoughts on my mind so I needed to speak with my words. Today was a very good day full of productivity and great vibes. Had a conference call with my coach and sponsor as I am a beach body coach myself! This year has been full of new opportunities, good people and sadly a loss in my family but God has him so we just take it day by day. I look at death especially one that hits so close to home as a wake up call. I’m learning to turn negatives into positives and so far so good! I don’t want no life, memory or energy to go into vein because life is short. I’m quick to forgive, I admit my faults and I just try to move on. I state how I feel now easier than I have when I was younger but its better for me. I don’t get taken advantage of! 

    Lately, I’ve been trying to steer away from my emotions for an individual that I care for, love very hard and still talk too but do to our circumstances we are unable to fulfill a full blown out relationship, its our third year of knowing each other off and on of trying to make something work but nothing has worked. But it’s okay I know that what is meant to be will be but emotions that are REAL don’t just go away. Growing as a person, woman and business woman I just have to be positive in all that I do so I am. I have my moments but I bounce back quick! This year is so much better than 2012 by far, I’m top priority in my life. I’m putting my happiness before other things, I also am putting more of my energy into things that I LOVE to do and now pursuing as careers. Finally turning these passions, God given talents into a brand. It’s refreshing, I’m happy and I am walking with God on this one. Taking a leap out on FAITH is not always the easiest to do but worth it. 

   My mission with all that I do is empowering, inspiring and encouraging everyone. Especially women. There’s so much negativity going on in the society against women there needs to be more positivity for women so with my brand that my goal. I’m pushign myself harder than I ever have, I’m the face of my own brand and there’s a few things I’m aiming to get my feet into before 2013 is out! It’s already been a great year for me and I’m pushing pushing pushing and pushing to make THAT change that I been praying for. Nobody can live out my dreams but me so what I do, decisions I make and the time I’m spending getting ME together spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally is all taking place day by day. I refuse to work for anyone else beyond this year. God has BIGGER plans for me and I believe it inside my heart 500000000%, lol. My to do list every day is long and I do so much daily but its worth it. My cousin always tells me “Yo, you need a manager” lol it’s true but right now its just me. I know sooner or later I’ll need a manager, glam squad and marketing team to help me build my brand to where I see it in my vision. It’s real…I thank you ALL for supporting me. xoxoxo! 


Love, Peace && Honesty,

Dreya ❤ 



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