A Real Woman…{Old Poem}

A real woman

You can’t hold a real woman down

She always wears a crown

She listens to her heart, soul & mind

Negativity she shuts down and it’s nowhere to be found

She demands respect from you, her and him

Her mind matures as life throws challenges and people at her

Never looks back at what didn’t help her

Because she only wants to renew her

She does for herself, takes care of herself

Most importantly she loves herself

She knows herself

She knows her limits

Doesn’t put up with any gimmicks

She put her foot down when it’s time

Knows when she needs to be alone and have “me” time

No one gets in the way of her grind

She knows when to let her light shine

When she makes her mind up, that’s it

You can talk about her, try her or even hate on her

But you can’t get her out of character

She’s too classy

She’s a lady in the streets

And ladies you know a freak in the sheets

When it comes to herself

She does what she does

And knows how to do it right

She makes moves and keeps it moving

Only the strong rides with her

Weak ones get left behind

If you are a real woman, strong and true

You know what I’m talking about

You already know you’re a real woman


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