May 15th, 2013…{Random Post}…What Do You Like Yourself?

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!,

Last week I had a very interesting conversation with my friend about liking ourselves. When she first asked the question “What do you like about yourself?” I was caught off guard and it took me awhile to even answer. So for my post to day I want to put the question out there “What do you like about yourself?” not what you like about yourself within a friendship, relationship or anything with other people. Take yourself out of any kind of relationship then answer the question! It’s something I feel we should know off the top of our heads without hesitation so when asked we can answer without thinking on the spot. I think this exercise can help with building up confidence and help better know ourselves outside of relations/relationship.

So for me the next day after the conversation I began rolling in the answers to the question. What I like about myself is my confidence within myself because now that I’m losing this weight it’s become even more fierce which gives me the confidence to do what I want, I like my sensitivity towards others emotions because not everyone can have that trait, I like my creativity, I like my goofiness to make people laugh, I like that I’m gentle, I like my growth and my willingness to change. I’m at this amazing stage in my life where I’m hungry to grow and change within myself because I know I’m better than what I have in the past plus the person I see myself being is someone who is very driven and a respectable business woman. I don’t see myself working for another person or having a boss. I have a lot of talent and I’m ambitious so I can’t spend 8 hours pouring into someone else’s dream and legacy when I’m a graphic designer who is also working on her first book and I’m beautiful.

When we don’t challenge ourselves we sleep on everything God wants us to become. Like at this moment I’m challenging myself to drink a gallon of water a day to help me drop weight. Losing this weight is a BIG challenge and I’m human so it’s very much a learning process day by day to lose weight. I’m challenging myself to get this website done by Fall and begin a modeling portfolio by fall as well. I know I’m more than what I am so I must push myself mentally and spiritually. Even physically because when I’m working out I get tired at some points and I’m ready to give in but I can’t this weight won’t go away on its own. I can look in the mirror and see the queen I am. This allows me to up hold strong standards with men and they challenge my standards all the time, lol. But I’m just ready to grow and finally become the woman God wants me to become. I’m being patient and I want to grow in OUR relationship. I haven’t been dating or anything but I have been talking to guys just nothing serious. I think its important when we are on these journeys to focus on ourselves.

So I ask this to you… “What do you like about yourself?”


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