It’s MAY!!!! {Random Thoughts}…

Hello my loves aka my readers,

WOW we are 5 months into 2013, I’m 20 pounds lighter pushing for more, worked with my editor and working towards a much more polished manuscript to push to be publishing next year. Currently trying to work on the website to launch by the fall time, yes I will still be blogging. My aim to have everything on one site so if you want to see my blog, fitness tips, videos, photos, tweets and keep up with me it’s all there. Not to mention, I still will be doing my YouTube channel. Revamping my look is highly important as well with part of branding myself. The support that I’ve been getting and have gained in the last few months is dumb crazy but it’s a testament that people do want to see you do well. I’m humbled.

I can say that within the last 5 months I’ve came a long way, I look forward to the next 5 months. Pushing the way I have and changing my eating habits and working with my coach and trainer has really been a big help. It takes more than yourself to get where you desire. I’m at a point in my life where all I see is my dreams and accomplishing them and not allowing anyone or anything becoming between that. I’m not interested in working for anyone else besides myself after this year in 2013. So I know what time it is. Pushing like never before. Many people talk about doing things and only stop at the thought but never putting it into actions and I refuse to be one of those people. My passion, my ambition, my hustle, my love, my go getter and willing to risk it all comes from God. I talk to HIM about it all, I listen and wait for direction and go.

Love is something I haven’t given up on, I just decided to put it in the back of my head until it’s my time. Right now isn’t my time to fall in love when I’m in the mix of building myself up. Especially when you know what you deserve, I don’t settle. I refuse to settle. When you’ve been all that I have with love and emotional roller coasters, you just want something that’ll last. Consistency is something I’m BIG on, honesty and respect fall right behind it because that’s what I give. I’m okay with being single because I’m actually working on myself and changing within and outside as well. I’m a passionate lover, I fight for what/who I love and so therefore in return I expect that. Love is not easy but I know from those around me its worth it when its real. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I do what I gotta do to protect it these days because I’ve learned that people take advantage like its nothing when you don’t.


Life is what you make it, take life by the hands and rock with it. Don’t let negativity to get you down because smiling will kill people within kindness. God didn’t create us to be depressed, unhappy and down. Go hard for what you believe in and ALWAYS DREAM. Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up on your dreams. Dreams are meant to come true!!!!


Love, Peace and Honesty,



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