Update {April 14th, 2013}…

Hello my loves, 

     I had to make a post, I’ve been thinking about posting and just busy doing so much from freelance work, trying to get ideas for the website, my weight loss journey and life over all. First before starting I would like to take a moment to say Rest In Peace to a cousin of mine James McKinley who passed Thursday morning. It’s a rough time but we remain strong as life continues on. When someone I knew passes it always hurts but I also try to just take it and become positive to be able to move on because in spirit I know they’re here. I know they’re now with someone who will protect them and they’re no longer in pain. So keep my family in prayer and please take care of yourselves. 

  I’m still making waves with my book, it has came back from my editor and I’m just working on organization and doing an outline for the book to have it flow better. She’s become a BIG help with this process. More than likely I will be self publishing my book and I’m excited but I’m also trying to figure out a marketing strategy and promoting the book. Writing a book is a very long process but I honestly don’t want to put out a book just to put out a book. Editing, flow, layout and everything matters to me. I have many supporters so I’m trying to make myself happy as well as those who support me. My book has been everything to me for the last three years and it still is. It’s something I am very passionate about and I’m ready for it to be released but it needs polishing, lol. 

    I do still write new poetry but with everything going on I haven’t been doing it as much as I should. But I have a few in the works. Before wrapping up this post check out a fellow poet I know, she just released her own book called “Shattered Mirrors” by Venssa Roy, great read and it’s poetry !!!! Please keep following my journey, this week I plan on updating a lot with things. Hopefully a video or two this week and poems. Love you guys !!! 

…Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up on your dreams. Dreams are meant to come true ❤ – Dreya




^^^ The book by Venessa Roy, Shattered Mirrors” 


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Love, Peace && Honesty,




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