UPDATE {March 28th, 2013}….

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!!,

   I had to write a post because its been awhile. I haven’t posted but I haven’t forgot about my supporters which are you guys!!! But I’ve been really focused with everything from my own work outs/transitioning, coaching, my book, my brand and freelance work. In between I am trying to change my wardrobe too.  I’m changing into a new person and I am aiming to becoming more sexy, chic and modern with my fashion. I’ve always felt that way when I was bigger and never felt ashamed to show that BUT now that I’m losing weight and I’m kinda fastly approaching my size clothing I want to be I want to begin giving out clothes to those less fortunate and really need the clothes I’ve out grown. It’s an exciting, proud and motivating time right now. I’ve been adding on work out like lunges, track and burpees to help me drop weight!

My book is still on the go, my editor has finished her revisions now I’m waiting for my manuscript! I know that it has to be organized better and I just have to think of how to put my book together. I’m still excited and I knew it would be a very long process so I’m really trying to do this by myself and it’s much because I never wrote a book lol but I do believe it will be self published for now and work my way to finding an agent and getting a deal. But I do wish to do a book tour for my book for promotional and marketing reasons. I honestly want to do as much promoting as I can because this book I’ve given my everything too and I believe everyone can relate. I will keep you guys posted on the book process. 

I am excited about doing a website for everything that I do! I’m becoming my own BRAND and I just need it to be official. My logo is almost done and so by the end of this year I am aiming to have a website that will feature me! I will still have a blog, not sure if it will be on wordpress still BUT I will remain connected somehow with you all. Please if you have any of the social sites that I have follow me. I love you guys and I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I began this blog! 

I am still writing new poetry! Yes yes yes, my life is still very interesting and I do have a few in the works. I will post them as I finish. I haven’t done any videos only because my image I’m working on but I think I may do one next week to keep my YouTubers up to date.


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