What would it take?…{NEW POEM}

What would it take? 

When your heart has tried
When your heart has cried 
When your mind has been made up 
When everything is up and up
There he goes.

Happy to talk to me 
Interested in me all over again 
Guard is up but I always care 
Your heart I wish you’d share. 

I’ve flown down 
I’ve been there for you 
I’ve supported you 
My heart can’t help but wonder.

Close my eyes…Boom
Few days I’m fine then…Boom 
Every time this happens 
It’s always YOU.

I pray on our situation hard
Loving you has made me so happy 
I just need you here 
I just need US.

I feel as if I’ve done it all
When you come back, I can never make the call 
After all we’ve been through 
What would it take? 


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