Hardest Part…

Hardest Part…

Falling in love with you was a big deal
You made love for me real
I’ve fallen in and out
Every time you talk to me
My feelings just come back
You’re so far but so near in my heart
Every conversation, when we fell in love and the arguments
I remember…
I’ve never loved like I love you
I’ve never held on the way I have to you
Even when I let go, you come back
Nobody has to believe
Nobody has to understand
Nobody has to approve
As long as I know what we have is true
We’re on two different pages
But I know what the aim is
Long as you do your part
I’m down, I support you and I love you
In lids things change, people change and situations change
But  my love for you has never
I’ve held you down regardless of the bull shit
I’ve cried plenty
I’ve given several chances
But I’ve accepted our reality
I had too, to be free
My heart is mine to protect
I trusted you but you dropped my heart
Love is not a game
Love when it’s real, doesn’t change
Whether if we’re meant to be or not
To be in my life friends or not
Remains the hardest part

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